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Educational BoosterPack
The Educational BoosterPack is an add-on board for the MSP430 Value Line LaunchPad development kit. This BoosterPack will help new users familiar with the MSP430 LaunchPad by interacting with simple electronic components like LEDs (red/green/blue and white), analog potentiometer, microphone, and speaker. Users will also be able to create more exciting projects with the onboard analog accelerometer and 2x16 character LCD.
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Educational BoosterPack Reviewed
CircuitCo sponsored a couple of members of the 43oh Forum the Educational BoosterPack. One of them, Rei Vilo put together a full review of the BoosterPack on his blog. He explores the LCD, LED and accelerometer parts of the BoosterPack with detailed pictures.

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Educational BoosterPack
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