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Especially in winter. My battery isn what it used to be and a fully charge now gives me 197 miles of range. When it 32 degrees outside (like it was last weekend on my way back from LA) I have to put the car on cruise control at 60 MPH just to make it back with the battery at 2 or 3 miles left.


The moment the police officer left to handle an emergency call, the entire hospital left me alone and ignored me. After three hours of not seeing another person and still not having my rape kit done, I walked out. So, what do the doctors do Call up the officer and complain that I wasted their precious time.


Among a number of rating changes made by RBC today, the team throws in the towel on its Outperform call on Kincross Gold (KGC 4.1%), downgrading to Sector Perform and cutting the price target to $4.50 from $5.50. Dollar,” Deutsche Bank said today in a note. Meanwhile, several gold mining stocks have hit new 52 week lows, including Barrick Gold (ABX 2.5%), Yamana Gold (AUY 3.7%), Kinross Gold (KGC 2.7%) and Coeur Mining (CDE 3.6%).

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