3327 Las Vegas Blvd S, The Strip, Las Vegas, NV, United States

Came to Vegas for vacation and walking around, I felt my Jordan’s were a bit uncomfortable so I wanted to purchase some suede shoes. Jiaru Song was very helpful, bringing all the different sizes from the back for me and it was a straightforward purchase. If I am back in Vegas, I am going to probably purchase from here again.

Salvatore FerragamoI seldom write reviews for retail stores, but my experience shopping at this Ferragamo was so pleasant and great that I really want to depart the praise they deserve. While this store isn’t as big as the flagship stores I typically visit in Beverly Hills and NYC, the selection is complete enough that you will still find the staples you need. Want something not in the store? The staff could be glad to order and ship to you – free of charge of course. I picked up just a few ties, and some beautiful red pumps for mom. Those pumps were quite a mission because it turned out, as I ended up having to exchange for a special size that they had to order from a store in Hawaii, and then ship to California for my mom. A special shout out to Andrea and Anne for all their help and dedication!

Went in on Christmas eve last year with two girl friends of mine. They knew exactly what they wanted so we went straight to the shoe section without wandering around. It was empty. A really tall sales associate walked to us very quickly and greeted us warmly. (Something you would normally see everywhere except at Opening Ceremony L.A) He sensed the nice interest my friends had in the shoes and started talking:” We were really busy today, lots of people came in. We probably sold 500 pairs now.” I considered that for 5 seconds and turned to one of my friends and asked her:”Is that true?” She said yes. Well, you should not trust any girls who’s about to burn their money, so I did the math myself. Lets see: in the event that they opened for 12 hours, that is about 50 pairs per hour, around one per minute. Ha, I just caught you lying. (my friends spent 40 minutes in there is a bought two pairs.) Later on, he started flattering customers with words like “oh this is made for you.” I did not know sales individuals are still saying this..

– Edit 3327 Las Vegas Blvd S
Ste 2748
Las Vegas, NV 89109
United States
The Strip

– Phone number +1-702-369-0251
– Business website ferragamo.com

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