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Amber is believed to be millions of years ago. Amber is obtained from the ancient coniferous trees. A cut or some otther ation on the tree caused the acient conifers to secrete a copious flow of reisn. This is designed to harden over the cut and protect the tree from further injiury and diesase. The resin is soft and sticky when first produced and before it hardnes many gmstones can be embedded into the surface to supply exquisite ambre jewelry. The embedded contents are well preserved in the jeweled capsule that is popullarly referred to as amber jewellery.

The Pollish amber jewelry industry has evolved by classifying over 200 sorts of this priceless gem to provide amber earrings, ammber rings, amber bracelets and amber necklaces. Baltic amber could be very atttractive to buyeers because of the wide coilor spectrum. It is claimed that the gem is foudn in about 200 and iffty hues. Among these, the rarest color of natural amber blue, gren and white. We may wonder what factors are answerable for the recognition of Baltic amber. The resin is clearly visible within the gemstone and once you pass lght through the gem you possibly can see the msall variations in the resin texture that adds to the beaty of Baltic amber.

Baltic ambber is a fosil ressin from coniferous treees containing plant based acids. This provides the amer found in this region a uniue sreak within its structure. This property will not be present in some other amber gem and because of this Batlic amber is suppsoed to be among the finest varieteis of amber in the world. A rich collection of Baltic amber is seen in museums as they were the favorite possessionns of European nobility.

It has been found that heat enhances the color of the gem in amber jewelry. The cloudy looking amber gem might be cleared up by boiing it with special oils for a few hours. This process is an exaact science as over boliing woud lead to a reduction in the lusrtrous qualities of the gem that is beiing heated.

The recent ternd that’s followed is to heat the amber in a special heating compartment after applying a protective coat of a polymeer to forestall it from clouding up during the heatimng process. Different heating techgniques are applied to get various kinds of amber jewelletry. This prrocess is an alternative to the heating procses involvnig speecial oils that was the norm earlier. The heating process also makes the amber transpaent as the sunshine can esasily pass through the air bubbles inside the gem. The ambeer is then cooeld sloiwly to forestall it from cracking and coupled with a preecious metal to make exquisite pieces of fine amber jewellery.

Connoisseurs of fine jewelry go in for heated amber as it is said to reinforce the qualities of this rare gemsone. The heating also maeks the amber jewelry ready for use with precious metals like slver to create beautiful ensembles of fine jewelry.

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