An Exotic Leather For Purses

Ferragamo Adjustable and Reversible Belt in Blue (Turquoise Green ...You realize the slogan one man’s junk is another man’s treasure; well so it seems with the fish skin. Although it isn’t an enormous an industry as cow, goat or gator hide, fish skins have made their way into the high-end markets being used for footwear, handbags and just about any upscale designer item you would use a high quality skin on.

How Durable is Fish Skin Leather?

Now that I think about it, there is the shark skin that some would say is on par with the cow’s hide when compared in strength so with that being said, there are obviously plenty of heavy-duty skins within the ocean. However, for the most part the skins used on this process are the smaller fish with the lighter weight skins.

While some people use a manual method of cleaning and tanning their skins, there can be the well thought out high-tech machinery that is used to create massive amounts of professionally cured and tanned fish leather for top fashion designers around the world. After all, the commercial method of how it is done is pretty much a well-kept secret and quite laborious in its undertaking.

High End Designer Fabric

But what does that mean to you as a designer? It implies that your world of creativity and design has just opened up another level. If you are a handbag designer looking for another amazing surface to showcase in your designer handbag you just might want to think about the fish leather. You may be in good company with the likes of Prada, Nike, Ferragamo, Puma and Dior who purchase it for their top-notch designer creations.

Incidentally, this leather is treated as most animal skins in that will probably be softened for simple application although becoming incredibly sturdy. It is usually dyed and treated with a various levels of sheens depending on the final look desired. Quite like other pricey leathers, good fish skin leather can undergo rigorous quality testing for durability.

Pattern & Design

One of the vital amazing features of the fish skin leather is the way it maintains its exterior design. After the scales have been removed, probably the most fascinating pattern is revealed on the skin which in itself is sort of mesmerizing. An exotic leather of this nature causes the worth of your purse to sky-rocket with ease. And that is no fish-tale.

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