Anti-Aging Advice From A 96-Year-Old Hottie

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Do not spend loads of time with old people, they just make you are feeling older,” my 96-year old grandmother told me at our latest luncheon.

Salvatore Ferragamo uN - [After finishing off a big Caesar Salad and her second glass of Ice Tea, she stood and pointed to her new three inch caramel-colored Ferragamo heels she bought on sale. “Aren’t they only darling?” she asked.

“They match my sweater set just perfectly,” she said as she skimmed her body like a Miss USA contestant.

This continual zest for life and fun is just one trait that makes my paternal grandma essentially the most youthful and hip person that I do know.

Still driving around town in her shiny red Lexus, she continues to keep up her sassy, coiffed hairdo once a month, along with a manicure and occasional shopping trips to sustain with the newest fashions, hip-grandma, fashionista style.

And do not forget concerning the parties and joy-filled evenings. She host gatherings in her own home that she decorates, tends to her cabbage roses of every size and hue, and takes the non-trouble, she says, to make dinner for herself most nights; homemade brisket with baked potatoes anyone?

And remember about the root Beer Floats. She still makes them for me at her cool bar stool area off the kitchen. I’ve been enjoying those since I used to be two, as do now my three girls. No low-fat ice cream or diet root beer involved.

This near centenarian manages as well to travel solo across the country as a history buff and reminds me that she the preferred gal at the Senior Center.

She often laments that the few men who’re still alive at her age, and even those 20 years younger, the age of her own son, my own dad, are entirely boring because they’ve given up on life.

“All they do is complain about all of their aches and pains,” she said. “Why don’t they only stand up and do something for a change? That is what’s making them so old and no fun in any respect to be around.”

Mark Twain once said, “Age is a matter of mind over matter. If you do not mind, it doesn’t matter.”

Together with a museum attached to her home where she shows her award-winning antique dolls and that she replicates original clothing by hand, she also restores historical women’s clothing dating back to the times of the Civil War which can be considered one of a form and priceless.

Our family calls her Blonde Grandma, because she was the just one when I was little who was blonde, due to her secret hair color she won’t ever reveal, along with a daily splash of Chanel No. 5. She jogs my memory that this was Marilyn Monroe’s perfume.

“A pretty girl always has to keep a few of her beauty secrets to herself,” she says.

One in every of her prescriptions for youth features a busy entertaining schedule, with a variety and list of excursions that makes my very own dance card look pretty unfilled. Her social calendar looks like mine I used to be about sixteen, but with actual sense and real plans.

She told me that one method to feel younger is to never feel sorry for yourself; and that it is up to every person to create their very own happiness.

Say goodbye now to each self help book you might have ever bought to feel or do better. There is not any magic or pill, just simple hard-earned wisdom and a larger than life, ageless and positive attitude.

Besides her antique collection, she plays golf, does swimming exercises on the pool each day, and sees no less than one movie and dines out for a fine dinner with friends once a week.

She recently informed my mother that this year she goes to start cooking the entire Thanksgiving Feast again at her house for about 20 people. Until about five years ago, she had traditionally cooked the holiday meal and hosted the festivities ever since I can remember.

She reminded my mother that she has been cooking turkeys for about 70 years now, and that the Honey Baked ham store is just a mile from her house. And you don’t argue with Blonde Grandma once she has made up her mind.

Speaking of spunk and being ageless, I can remember this past spring after we shared a shopping trip together because she “needed” a brand new bathing suit.

After finding just the appropriate one with bright flowers and a black border for her still-cute round body that is very much in shape, she said to me, “Wait till the gals and guys on the Senior Center have a have a look at this!”

Before the presidential election last year, she broke up with a boyfriend a few years younger than her because he said he could not bother voting in the presidential election.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.”

“Besides that,” she said, “He was not a very good dancer and a boring conversationalist.”

“I don’t blame you grandma,” I said, as if I were a teenager talking to a different teenager. “I might have dropped him too, who needs an apathetic boyfriend?”

For some reason, I had always assumed that my grandmother was a Republican. Perhaps it was because she dressed aristocratically in Nancy Regan-ish style, traveled the world, married a wealthy second husband, had the highest taste in clothing and cars, and told us about the history of the Kings and Queens of Europe, which she relentlessly reads about.

But during the elections, not only did she drop her boyfriend for not voting; she told me that Obama was the primary presidential candidate who she felt truly enthusiastic about voting for in a really, very very long time.

She was also quick so as to add that she wouldn’t kick Vice President Joe Biden out of her bed for eating crackers, if she had the prospect.

10 more highlights from Blonde Grandma about how to remain eternally young:

1. Eat what you want, drink what you want and say what you want, all in “slight” moderation.
2. Don’t ever feel sorry yourself; it’s waste of time and a waste of life. And it also bores other people tremendously.

3. Always take care of your outside appearance as well as your inside. You cannot possibly feel too bad if you look good enough to flirt.

4. Read too much about history, it is going to teach you about much worse things that other people have been through, will even inspire you, and remind you that you are not the one person on this planet who has gone through struggles.

5. Exercise day-after-day, irrespective of how tired you might be, it would make you stop complaining about how tired that you are, because you won’t be tired anymore.

6. Treat yourself to wonderful unnecessary little treats things and outings infrequently. It’s the smallest of things that make an entire life truly happy. They may make you remember you’re worthy.

7. Only keep the company of people who make you laugh, make you more intelligent, wise and know how one can have a good time, even during conversation or just simply sitting quietly with them.

8. Do not ever keep the company of the depressed, needy, complaining or rude. They will affect you like a virus and before you know it, you will become more like them.

9. Never complain about anything. Instead, immediately do something fun, help someone in need, and absorb yourself in something silly to distract you.

10. Never ever say to yourself that you’re too old to do anything. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You might be only as old as you think.

And lastly, my grandmother’s regular diet for more than 90 years: Dark chocolate, red meat, homemade apple pie with pippin apples, potatoes, V8 juice, eggs, tuna sandwiches, all kinds of soups, tea, coffee, walnuts, and a stiff martini once in awhile made my father.

So there, you have got it.

And in case you saw an image of her, you’ll think she was in her late sixties.

Her plans involve visiting my cousin a few states away for her baby shower.

“I just like to travel,” said Blonde Grandma. “Besides, how can I miss a shower for my sixth great grandchild?”

“You need to go shopping with me for a brand new outfit for the occasion?” she asked.

“Sure grandma, your car or mine?”

“Mine, of course, “she said. “My car is the prettier and faster one.

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