Are Brand Names Worth It?

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Salvatore FerragamoI must get dress shoes and have selected cap toe oxfords. Now I need to decide whether to shell out 500$ for Ferragamo oxfords or pay $150 for no namers. They both look almost exactly alike so its not like I’m wearing them to showcase. Now all things equal and $$ out of the equation, which ones should I get??|||sometimes it is true that “you get what you pay for” but expensive doesn’t always mean quality…

150 is cheaper than 500, but that doesn’t suggest those “cheaper” shoes don’t have decent craftmanship.

if you’ve got got the money to burn, and if it makes you feel better, then go ahead and indulge yourself.|||the expensive ones, and yes, they’re worth it. the standard is waaaay better. see, i only buy designer sunglasses and stuff because they last longer. i do not wish to have to maintain running to the shop and keep buying new ones, do i?


the two individuals who answered below do not know what they’re talking about. the costlier, the higher the standard!|||Not unless you might be immature and trying to impress “friends”.|||The thing is to buy smart. If the things look exactly alike and one pair is $350 dollars cheaper then the other pair then get the no namers. You may have a nice pair of shoes and some money for somewhat extra.|||The Ferragamo oxfords, hands down. Designer brands are better quality. While your Ferragamo oxfords may cost $350 greater than the no-names, they’ll last longer.|||yes and no, brand names are often better quality but unless the cheaper pair are very bad quality otherwise you think you will have problems with them in the long term, I’d go for the $150 pair. If they look almost exactly alike and your not going to have any problems walking in them then I do not see any reason to shell out $500 for the Farragamo’s. Simply because a shoe isn’t brand name does not imply that it is a bad shoe and they often last just as long if you’re taking care of them well. Plus $150 shoe is not exactly cheap so I’m guessing they must be pretty decent quality even when they don’t top the Farragamo’s.

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