Basic Black Wedge Shoe For The Office

It’s always a chore to choose a great looking shoe. Trying to find a cushty shoe to wear to the office that can be as great looking as a high heel, seems almost impossible. The very best option is the wedge shoe, more specifically the black wedge shoes which go together with nearly every outfit.

... : Ferragamo Outlet Online Store,Cheap Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes SaleOne specific outfit that women wear to the office is the skirt suit. A skirt always looks best with a two inch or higher heel, but is still pretty with smaller heels. If, however, you love the look of a high heel, but hate the feel of a stiletto, you may go together with a wedge shoe and have the better of both worlds. The wedge shoe is built to support the arch of the foot, an enormous bonus when it’s a must to be in your feet for much of the day. Add a small platform to the toe of the shoe, and the wedge shoe will be so comfortable you will think you’re wearing flats.

Several brands of wedges are somewhat more daring and still manage to look fantastic with suits for an expert office. One particularly lovely shoe is the black patent “safari” style from Anne Klein. While being a typical Mary Jane cut shoe, they have a certain flair that makes the shoe a little sexy, while still being functional. It’s this unique quality that defines wedge shoes; the flexibility to look fantastic while also being very comfortable. This particular style is just the start of styles available.

Another style of wedge shoe is just a little like an ankle boot but is more appropriately called a shoe instead of boot. These particular shoes, by Moschino, look really fantastic when worn with a pant suit. Because they are not quite a boot, they can be worn in spring, winter and the fall. This different shoe style is an illustration of the numerous forms of shoe that are available in wedge shoe styles.

Variety is the hallmark of the wedge shoe. It is timeless qualities for the reason that introduction by Salvatore Ferragamo makes these shoes one of the best choices for the office or anywhere else.

Ferragamo Watches - Salvatore Ferragamo TimepiecesThere are hundreds of reasons to wear a basic black wedge shoe to the office. They offer great support to the foot. They’re comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They can be found in lots of styles and they are always stylish. But a very powerful reason is that they appear fantastic on a woman’s foot.

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