Because Bling Is In

Relating to fashion, fun and outrageous are sometimes equated with bling-bling. For those not within the know, bling-bling is the term attributed to flashy jewelry used to point opulence and wealth. Brazen and ostentatious it may be, but there isn’t any arguing that bling-bling has made its mark on this planet of fashion accessories. And sunglasses, in fact, are not any exception.

Salvatore Ferragamo takes luxury travel to the next level - PurseBlog

One of the more popular types of eyewear this season would be rhinestone sunglasses. Rhinestones are the commonest adornment attached to virtually any material there’s. So only inexpensive sunglasses gets decorated with rhinestones, right? Wrong. The truth is, famous designer brands like Gucci, Valentino, and Versace have been offering their very own take on rhinestone sunglasses. And they don’t come cheap, either. No designer pair goes below the $100 dollar mark. Actually, the Gucci Rhinestone Signature Oversized Round Plastic sunglasses retails at around $308, while Versace 4111B sunglasses sell at $310.

And for those who think that’s flamboyant enough, think again. Designer sunglasses also come studded with Swarovski crystals. Take your pick from high-end designer labels like Roberto Cavalli, Christian Dior, or Salvatore Ferragamo. Most of those sunglasses get their ultra-chic appearances from logos adorned with shiny crystals at the temple. And it seems the latest trend points toward more being better, in addition to being dearer. Most of these crystal-studded sunglasses cost no less than $300.

... Ferragamo Muller Loafer Nero - Mens Loafers Shoes UK Outlet [LM443But what about those that just cannot afford to purchase designer rhinestone sunglasses and crystal-studded sunglasses? There are some online traders offering discount designer sunglasses and these are good sources of affordable eyewear. However, replica sunglasses offer the most viable and affordable option. It’s because replica rhinestone sunglass designs are inspired by designer sunglasses and are of fine quality. This means you can placed on a pair of stylish, dazzling eyewear without having to spend greater than $40. Just be sure that, though, that your purchase will serve its primary function, providing 100% UV protection. Keep away from products that do not expressly have this feature. Wearing trendy and chic eyewear would do you no good if you destroy your vision in the process.

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