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Makati is home to several interesting shopping malls. Not only do these establishments feature a diverse selection of retail outlets but they also offer amazing dining and entertainment opportunities.

Greenbelt Mall

Greenbelt Mall is located on prime real estate in Makati Avenue. The mall is a posh, consisting of five contemporary building. Each different section, named Greenbelt 1,2,3,4 and 5, showcase their own features and distinct style of architecture. Needless to say, Greenbelt is definitely worth a visit, just to check out its fascinating architectural design. The al-fresco corridors of Greenbelt along with the comfortable air-conditioned halls make it a well-liked spot for shopping and to simply hang out and to pass a couple of hours. If you wish to buy for electronics, Greenbelt 1 is the place to visit as the little retail shops specialise mainly on appliances and electronics. Greenbelt 3 features a selection of exclusive high-end retail outlets on the ground floor together with some highly popular coffee shops. The high-end brands at Greenbelt 2 include Calvin Klein, Marks and Spencer, Lacoste, Hermes and Kate Spade among many others. Book shops, restaurants and cinemas are also found in the upper floors of Greenbelt 3. Greenbelt 2 is home to several fine dining restaurants. Greenbelt 4 features luxurious brands reminiscent of Prada, Jimmy Choo, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bulgari and Louis Vuitton. If you need to take a look at the work of Filipino designers, Greenbelt 5 is your destination. In addition to local designers, Greenbelt 5 also features Yves Saint Laurent, Liz Clairborne, Balenciaga, Rolex, Zara, Banana Republic and Paul Smith among other high-end brands.
If you’re staying at a Manila hotel in Makati, try to be able to simply access the Greenbelt Mall for an unmatched sightseeing and shopping experience. An accommodation option such as the Berjaya Makati Hotel is a wonderful choice for travellers who wish to buy and explore the city.

Venice Piazza

Located just a small distance away from Makati’s CBD, Venice Piazza is a good place to shop, dine and to relax. This quiet shopping mall, designed within the Italian Renaissance style, is located between C-5 and Fort Bonifacio’s Lawton Road. The mall’s design is a rather modest replica of the iconic St. Mark’s Tower in Venice. There are more than 30 restaurants at Venice Piazza. Most local visitors to the mall head out to 1 of those eateries to relax and de-stress after a protracted day at the office. The Venice Piazza is definitely one phase of a 3 phase plan for a Venetian Mall. MegaWorld, the developers of Venice Piazza will introduce designer boutiques, targeted at upscale clientele on its phase 2 and a man-made canal, complete with gondola rides on phase 3.

SM Makati

SM Makati is the flagship store of a small shoe retail outlet called Shoe Mart which had its roots going back to the 1950’s. Founded by Henry Sy Senior, SM Makati has an illustrious history, just as fascinating as its retail offerings. Today, the SM Makati connects to Glorietta 1 through a walk way and has direct access to the MRT Station. Visitors can find just about everything at SM Makati. More of a department store than a shopping mall, SM Makati presents a wide array of local and international branded shoes and clothing. That is the place to go to if you end up on the hunt for good quality merchandise without breaking the bank. While there are not any cinemas, SM Makati is home to a fast food center, satellite coffee shops and supermarkets.

Glorietta Mall

Glorietta Mall is certainly one of the most well-liked shopping malls in Makati. Developed within the 1990’s, Glorietta is now a large shopping mall with a variety of merchandise to buy and an equally big selection of entertainment options. For the reason that Glorietta complex doesn’t have a supermarket, it is considered an almost-one-stop shopping centre. However, if one needs to buy for groceries, there are several supermarkets located within easy reach of the mall, greater than making up for its lack of a supermarket. Glorietta is an excellent destination for window shopping. It can be easily reached via private and public transport and is commonly full of shoppers. The mall has an air conditioned atrium complete with an activity centre and a play area for children. On some days, various concerts, events and trade shows happen on the atrium. Glorietta Mall also has six cinemas.

Market! Market!

Market! Market! As the name so boldly suggests, features a combination of fresh-produce sellers and wholesalers in addition to boutiques and the sort of shops one finds at shopping malls. A development of Ayala Lands, Market! Market! Is a part of the Ayala Mall Chain. The fresh produce shops, located outside, attract a large number of clientele and makes for an amazing people watching experience. The seafood specialty restaurants are also located outdoors. The outdoor stalls sell vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants, regional food, dry goods and native delicacies. Inside the mall, made up for five floor levels, is a number of 500 boutiques and stores which include branded specialty shops, fast food chain outlets, themed restaurants and even bargain shops. If you happen to wish to experience haggling, the bargain shops are a must-visit where locals and foreigners alike, debate with the store owners over various items to get the very best prices.

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