Blissful Feet Are The first thing To Go

My feet pretty much management each side of my life: I dress around their needs, reward them with a great soak for agreeing to go on hikes with my mates, and hope that they perceive the occasional should be shoved right into a pair of heels when work calls for it.

Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Sport Coat - Clothing ...However my feet, together with the feet of many others of my era, harm. They have sprouted bunions and have days after they howl like an alley cat in heat if I attempt to wear anything aside from a large-width consolation shoe. This is the problem: I am not an old lady and don’t desire my toes to make me really feel like one.

I get that my ft have misplaced their attractiveness, making the wearing of sandals a hard promote. And they can be fairly hot-tempered once i insist on sporting a pair of social gathering shoes with sexy heels. But I work in an workplace and I can’t put on my UGGs or flip-flops every day, can I? Yet, that is the only selection they’ve been giving me lately.

It feels so unfair; I’ve recognized my feet for my whole life and i’ve at all times handled them with respect. Faithful pedicures, foot massages on demand, instant treatment for ingrown toenails; I’ve spared no expense of their care — and that includes shopping for nicely-made shoes.

I remember insisting that we cease on the Ferragamo shoe museum in Florence Italy on our first go to to that city, that’s how a lot I care about footwear. Salvatore Ferragamo (the “shoemaker to the stars”) started his profession making footwear by hand, special order fit-to-measure footwear. He studied the foot’s anatomy and knew exactly which square inch needed probably the most help. Ferragamo, by the way, made footwear for Marilyn Monroe however he never made a wide-width comfort shoe.

I am removed from alone in feeling betrayed by my ft. Cosmetic foot surgical procedure has proved to be considerably recession-proof for one easy reason: The boomer bubble has reached crucial mass once again, and our feet are a multitude. My prediction is that foot surgeries — beauty and in any other case — may simply surpass tummy tucks and facelifts as the place our future “enhancement” dollars are spent.

Which is what led me one recent day to the web site of the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgical procedure in Studio Metropolis, Calif., where I discovered such surgeries because the “Cinderella Procedure” — a trademarked “preventive” bunion correction that makes feet narrower. There’s also the “Perfect 10! Aesthetic Toe Shortening” that trims toes so they can be properly jammed into pointy shoes. And naturally, the “Foot-Tuck Fat Pad Augmentation,” where your tummy fat is injected into the balls of your feet for additional cushioning.

What can I say moreover I scare off simply and couldn’t get previous the web site, not even to the phone? I feel the same concerning the Malibu Urgent Care office where “emergency” Botox injections are supplied on a stroll-in basis and they’re open 365 days a year.

My one and solely hope is that once more the sheer mass of boomers will prevail. We can’t all be submitting to Cinderella Procedures, so maybe some sensible — very sensible — shoe manufacturer will determine that a few zillion customers are waiting for someone to build a better mousetrap, or in this case, a pair of pumps that can be worn comfortably for greater than 10 minutes.

In the meantime, readers, I welcome your strategies. Please let me know the most snug stylish shoe you own. I promise to try them out. Wide-width comfort sneakers want not apply.

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