Bloomingdale’s Big Brown Bag Sale

Bloomingdale’s ain’t exactly Kohl’s. Owned by Macy’s but not even near their parent store’s level of affordability, Bloomingdale’s hangs their $500 hat on brands like “Armani, Burberry, Chanel, David Yurman, Jimmy Choo, Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren Black Label, theory and Tory Burch They only opened a Bloomingdale’s in Dubai, and here in the states their stores even have “international visitors centers.Whoa.

But like everyone else, they do put on sales. And their Big Brown Bag sale is worth a look. Note that size selection might be extremely limited, and even when on sale their prices might be grimace worthy.

Jack Spade Ajax Plaid Duffel $197.50 (reg. $395)

“I’m sorry. I can’t hear you over your weekend bag.This sucker is loud. But should you usually wear nothing but blacks, greys, and blues? Not a bad way to add a spark to your traveling getup. And by spark, I mean full bore blast from a flamethrower.

Billy Reid Bow Ties Striped Silk & Herringbone Wool/Silk $46.55 (reg. $95)

I myself am not a bow tie guy. But I know a couple of of you’re. And both of those look good enough that it almost makes me wish I could count myself among the many bow tie sporting ranks. Both imported from Italy from one among the most important names in style.

Paul Smith Jeans Light Grey Blazer $144.50 (reg. $295)

How do you are feeling about patch pockets? How do you’re feeling about that extra, smaller, ticket pocket you see sometimes on jackets? Now combine the two. That’s an interesting spin.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Robbie G. Messenger Bag $167.30 (reg. $478)

Looks like the top handle is center positioned, which is a bonus whether it is. Turnlocks keep it closed, shoulder strap for longer hauls, and the top handle for the short walk from the car to the office. $300 off retail.

The Men’s Store at Bloomingdale’s Cashmere V-Neck $52.15 (reg. $198)

Only available in Medium and only in Navy. But not a bad price for a cashmere V-neck from the Men’s Store at Bloomingdale’s.

Woolrich Ribbed Winter Hat $37.50 (reg. $50)

Wool and Cashmere blend, imported from Italy, and a legendary name.

Shades of Grey Cotton Plaid Blazer $138.60 ($198) & pant $48.51 ($99)

Wearing these together isn’t advised. But the pant with a dark V-neck sweater up top, or the blazer with jeans? Not a foul look in any respect. The jacket does look just a little short in the tail. Limited sizes available.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Modern Military Dopp Kit $30.80 (reg. $88)

Nice looking Dopp Kit. But who’s dropping $88 (the regular retail price) on a bag to hold your shave gear and soap while traveling? They’re nice to have and all. But a zip loc will do the very same job.

Salvatore Ferragamo “GancioCard Holder $133.00 (reg. $199)

... belts salvatore ferragamo salvatore ferragamo square buckle belt size

For those who understandably don’t give a damn about heritage luxury Italian brands, knowing the difference between Salvatore Ferragamo and Lou Ferrigno isn’t a real priority. But for those that like high end things in small doses? $133 for a small piece like a card case is likely to be a good splurge.

Timex Camper Gift Set $60.00

Not actually a part of the sale, but still interesting. Note that an extremely similar camper watch sells for $21 on Amazon. The three watch strap options that include it are all that you’d ever need. Nice off center stripes too.

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