Bloomingdale’s Celebrates Chinese New Year

... wallet 298 from saks fifth avenue free shipping with saks fifth avenueOkay, so let’s get this party started. I am going to have the MOTHER of all XMAS sales. You guys, time and time again, have told me that you LOVE, LOVE, love these sales. A few of you might have even told me that you won’t buy a thing until I have another sale.

Oh boy. Big expectations to live as much as.

Salvatore Ferragamo - Revival Messenger (Black) Messenger BagsHere is the GRANDDADDY, THE MOTHER, one of the best sale of the year. And at my FAVOURITE time of the year: XMAS!!

This might get complicated, but I’m here to help (for now – until the subsequent emergency). Don’t worry my sales are always extended. I do not believe in deadlines 😉 It is Christmas time and it’s been a rough year economically for most of us. I want to thank you all for giving me a FANTASTIC year! And I would like to verify you’ll be able to pick up some goodies for family and friends this year as well as some awesome bags for yourself!!

So here goes:

BUY ANY TWO BAGS FROM The location, retailing $260usd EACH or more and take your choice of any One among the next bonuses:

1. Get anybody wallet FREE ;

2. Get any 3 (yes, that’s right THREE) Burberry cashmere scarves. FREE!;

3. Get ONE SILK scarf (the 90x90cm ones – includes Hermes, Gucci, LV, Burberry) FREE;

4. Get 2 (yes, that is right TWO) pairs of ANY sunglasses;

5. Get ONE pair of ANY Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Monolo Blahnik, Ferragamo, Salvatore Zanotti, YSL, Chanel, Tory Burch or Gucci shoes FREE;

6. Get ONE pair of UGG boots FREE;

7. Get any bracelet AND earrings FREE;

8. Get 3 (that’s right THREE) T shirts FREE;


9. Get A third BAG FOR 50% OFF!!!


There aren’t too many rules but I do need to go through some things for clarification:

A. There are no exchanges or refunds on the FREE / BONUS items. So if you take the three scarves option and order a brown, red and yellow one and later find that you do not really just like the yellow one, there are no exchanges and returns. GIFT IT TO A FRIEND. She’ll love a Burberry cashmere scarf!
B. You can mix and match any sunglasses that you want. You may pick two of the same brands. It doesn’t matter. Yes, you can even pick the higher end Tom Ford, Pucci, etc. Go nuts!
C. For the shoes, there are some VERY HIGH end brands happening the location this weekend that include Giomarco Lorenzi, Jeffrey Campbell, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, etc. These brands are usually not part of the special. Even in replica form, these brands are UBER expensive. The free pair of shoes applies to any one of the following Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, UGGS, Manolo Bhalniks, YSL, and another brands as well. I’ll make a whole list for those who are inquisitive about this feature.
D. The free silk scarf special is restricted to at least one 90×90 silk scarf and you’ll choose your favourite designer: Hermes, LV, Gucci, Burberry, Paul Smith, Ferragamo, Loewe, Versace, etc.
E. The jewelry option is de facto open. Let me know what two pieces you’re thinking and I will try to see if it is doable. The only exception here is that the massive chunky Hermes bracelets could be excluded (or you’ll only get to decide on one freebie as opposed to two). Everything else, including Tiffany jewelry is fair game. Please note that the jewelry is barely silver coated. It’s not real silver. It cannot be at those prices 😉
F. The 50% off the third bag is pretty straightforward. BUY TWO BAGS at $260usd EACH and get a third bag for 50% off. So if you buy one Hermes bag for $325usd and one LV for $200usd, after which want a third bag for $260usd, the LV at $200usd will only cost $100usd! If I were you, I’d buy all three bags around the identical cost. That way if you buy three bags for $260usd each, you will get three bags for $260usd plus $260usd plus $130usd or $650usd. That’s the method to get the most bang to your buck!
G. The two bags you purchase Have to be a MINIMUM of $260usd each, and therefore the whole must add as much as $520usd. Should you purchase one bag that is $325usd and a second bag at $200usd, then you may have the special and get some bonuses listed above. If however you purchase one LV Speedy bag for $200usd and one LV Eva clutch for $190usd, THEN You can not make the most of this special.
H. The sale starts on October 20th, 2010 and runs until November 20, 2010. That is ONE MONTH! Please attempt to benefit from this great special.
There are more details so as to add. My brain may be very foggy this morning. I can have many of the merchandise that is included on this sale up by Wednesday October 20, 2010 when the sale starts. If however you don’t see a certain scarf, or a certain pair of shoes, PLEASE ASK. I probably have them and just haven’t had enough time to get them up onto the site!

I really like sales!! But please remember that I am the one person running this ship. This sale is going to be MASSIVE and it’ll slow things down a bit in response times. PLEASE BE PATIENT. I’ll get to you and answer all your questions. PROMISE!

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