Craze About Jelly Shoes Singapore

You have not you have not heard of jelly shoes, I’m unsure which era you belong to. Jelly shoes are so comfy and might be easily cleaned and they’re built to last, definitely a great investment!

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I’ve bought imitations jelly shoes and they offer me awful blisters and even my nice pedicure is also ripped off due to the friction. It lasted me only one wear. Here are some of the favored brands of jelly shoes in Singapore:

1) Melissa

Melissa shoes have a really distinct bubble gum smell. My husband laughed it off after i can search the shoes location in a department store by its smell.
Sometimes Zalora will offer 20% discount, it will likely be cheaper to get it here.

If you are flying to Bangkok, must definitely visit the Melissa stores cos it’s cheaper by 30-40% and you’ll still claim tax rebate.

2) Mel by Melissa
It is a sister company of Melissa. Shoes are more affordable than Melissa.

Mel has been renamed to Zaxy (

3) Jelly Bunny
Newly opened in Singapore on 21 Nov.

4) Salvatore Ferragamo

Ferragamo has some very nice jelly shoes and my colleague swear by their shoes that they will last as much as 2 years for a pair that she has worn to death. Heard it’s occurring 30% sale soon, make sure to maintain a lookout. The above pair cost $370 and heard only the purple and coral pink colours are going on sale so it’s about $260.

5) Anna Nucci

Updates on 25 May 2017:
Please keep your Melissa and Ferragamo receipts. My MIL has a Melissa Campana flats and it snapped on the back after a couple of wears. While shopping for brand new Melissa shoes, my MIL sorta grumbled to the saleslady that the shoes usually are not lasting and the salesperson suggested that we send in for repair. The shoes look pretty much as good as new after repair but the shoes snapped again at the same area. We send the pair in they usually offered to exchange another pair for us.

Recently, we learnt that that Ferragamo can repair their shoes within 2years of purchase. You just must bring the shoes back to the store together with your receipt.

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