Do Vintage Ferragamo Bags Have Serial Numbers?

Salvatore FerragamoIs there such a thing as a handwritten serial number on a tag?

I bought a Salvatore Ferragamo at a thrift store that appears to be vintage. The brass looks somewhat worn and the saddle bag, I think the kind known as, is a bit scuffed.

When i checked the tags, it says:
Salvatore Ferragamo
Firenze 7

Also inside was a 1.5″ x .75″ brown tag that read “32/2344” in handwritten pencil/dark pen. The last 2 numbers, “-44” could be 9’s. So, could possibly be “32/2399” or “32/2349” or “32/2394”.

As I used to be cleaning, I pulled the tag somewhat too hard and it gently released from the purse. Ugh. As i cleaned further, not that this is a dirty purse, I noticed the wall pocket, which has a zipper, was open at the underside and i could see the guts of the purse. Sigh, no problem since I realize it was a thrift store purchase.

The “brass” holding the strap together on both sides looks greenish on the inside of the bag. Just wondering if this is possibly oxidation and truly indicating “vintage”.

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