From The Parrot’s Beak: 8/28 Edition

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From the parrot’s beak: 8/28 edition
Updated on August 27, 2016 George Sommers moreContact Author Not the Australian Outback, but Connecticut’s Wickham Park served as setting for this rose breasted cockatoo and friends for the Parrot Club’s annual picnic. – Photo by George Sommers – Downeasters Down on Quakers: A permit is required to maintain Quaker parrots in Maine, and now they’re reportedly going on the state’s list of prohibited species. The rap against Quakers is that they are very adaptable as invasives and a possible agricultural nuisance. While feral Quakers are common along the Connecticut and Rhode Island sea shores, there are few reports of them in Massachusetts. New Hampshire overturned a ban just a few years back and there aren’t any apparent issues with ferals.. This suggests that there may be an upper limit to the tolerance of harsh winters by the South American natives.

– Parrot legals: Thieves smashed thru a locked driveway gate and broke into a Texas residence making off with 5 pairs of breeder caiques: 4 pairs of white belly caiques, back headed caiques and a pair of crimson belly conures. Any suspicious parrot sales in the realm needs to be reported to the Magnolia, TX police. — A simmering feud has again erupted between two Hawaiian parrot clubs. Club A says that Beaker, a double yellow head Amazon. was in their care but escaped. Beaker was found and turned in – but to Club B. Club A maintains that Club B knows full well that Beaker belongs to Club A but refuses to show him over and/or cooperate. EDITOR’S NOTE: We have reached out and are awaiting a response from Club B on these accusations.

– Psittacine Cinema: Special politics double feature. Donald Trump continues to be a controversial figure, even among parrots. Parrot Says Trump For President – YouTube – -Parrot Says Dump Trump – YouTube

– Without a Leg to face on: Speak about your lovers’ quarrels; and on Christmas Day, no less. Candy the cockatoo’s legs were damaged beyond repair after a battle together with her mate. Luckily, she was successfully fitted with prosthetic legs in Miami. As a part of her rehab, Candy needed to learn to forgo the everyday ‘too habit of picking up food with the foot.

– Linked In: Appears to be the week for leg problems as Zack the conure recently got his leg band (and leg) caught in an open quick link; the sort used for many hanging toys. He’s fine, but this might have been catastrophic if not caught in time. Be certain that to shut all open links. As Zack’s owner puts it, “I see myself becoming an OCD sufferer over these quick links!”

– Pedaling for Parrots: He bicycled 220 miles under 24 hours while recording a podcast about World Parrot Trust; raising the equivalent of US $995 for conservation. Charlie Moores, a nature presenter; was accompanied by two friends, his physiotherapist, Pedro the toy parrot (wearing his own bike helmet) and 33,000Twitter followers on his ride through the English countryside.

– Mariette Hartley Visits Parrot Jungle in Miami for the syndicated “Wild About Animals program.. Maya the opera singing Amazon, a parachuting macaw and a bicycle riding cockatoos were among the many avian antics featured.

– Cockatoo found among garbage in Dorchester, a section of Boston,.MA. The ‘too was in need of emergency surgery and her cage was infested wtih maggots and cockroaches. The Animal Rescue League of Boston says the bird, dubbed Mayfield, is recovering and will be put up for adoption,

– Quote o’ the Week: Yes, my birds are my children. Yes I’ll speak about them as much as you speak about your children. – Facebook meme

– Hot Dates: Ongoing-9/5: “Birds from Down UnderImmersive experience with bird species native to Australia. Stroll among and feed over 500 birds including grass parakeets, cockatiels and various parrots. Roger Williams Park Zoo, 1000 Elmwood Avenue, Providence, RI

8/27-9/1: ExoticsCon Veterinary Conference – Hilton Portland s Concetta Ferragamo. Door prizes. 1 pm. East Shore Area Library, 4501 Ethel St., Harrisburg, PA –So Cal Parrot fundraiser for The Indonesian Parrot Project. Sample wine and munchies, tour the ranch, auctions featuring items from Indonesia, learn in regards to the Indonesian project 2-6. Hillcrest Farm, 3411 Hillcrest Ave., Sebastopol, CA.

9/2-4: National Cockatiel Society 2016 Specialty Show – River Terrace Resort, 240 River Rd, Gatlinburg, TN – Fri 3-7, Sat – Sun 10-4

9/3-4: Tim Vogle’s Southeastern Exotic Bird Fair – Atlanta State Farmers Market, 16 Forest Pkwy, Forest Park, GA – 9-4 both days

9/5: Labor Day: Unofficial end of summer. Noooooooo!

– Lost: Congo African grey ‘Pepper’ thompson CT. Reward offered. (784) 280-4813 or Lost: cockatoo, Wellington, FL Reward offered (561) 797-8073 — Sighted: Black-masked lovebird at backyard bird feeder, Toledo, OH (419) 266-9936.

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