From The Parrot’s Beak: Sliding Into Summer Edition

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From the parrot’s beak: sliding into summer edition
Updated on May 27, 2017 George Sommers moreContact Author Hank asks AFA NE Chair Concetta Ferragamo and “Pet Gazette” correspondent George Sommers if they know the number for Dial a Chick. – Remote Island Trash Could also be Threat to Rare Parrot: There’s been extensive coverage of the quantity of trash plastic washing up on a remote Pacific Island. The 14 square mile Henderson Island, part of the Pitcairn Islands, is halfway between New Zealand and Chile. Not as well-known is that it’s home to a rare parrot called the Stephen’s lorikeet, plus other endemic species found nowhere else. Still unclear is whether or not the trash is having a negative effect on the wildlife, aside from being a blight on an otherwise idyllic setting. – From various media sources.

Men– Not Chipper for Chocolate: The makers of MInecraft ignited a firestorm when players were encouraged as a part of the game to tame or mate a parrot by feeding it a chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate is widely considered harmful to parrots. Members of the social media site Reddit led a charge against the faux pas with posts like, “some 6 year old goes to play Minecraft after which attempt to feed their Mom’s macaw chocolate chip cookies.” Game manufacturer Mojang says it can remove the mechanic. However, Marc Morrone, co-owner of Long Island NY’s Parrots of the World and Martha Stewart anointed pet guru notes, “If a parrot ate a considerable amount of pure baker’s chocolate, theobromine MAY hurt the bird. However pure bakers chocolate may be very bitter and few parrots would do much greater than a taste. Milk chocolate has very little actual chocolate and is generally milk and sugar so if a bird ate that then it wouldn’t be a difficulty.” He did agree that Mojang could be better off changing the sport and suggests replacing the chocolate chip with a blueberry; adding, “You millennials certainly have a lot time in your hands!” – From

– In a Word: So now it’s a bird “habitat” rather than a bird cage, in line with packages at a kind of big box pet stores. Many bird clubs discuss with themselves as “cage bird” societies rather than “caged bird”: societies due to negative connotations. Pressure from those pesky animal rights people again?

– Weston Parrot Hoarding Update: Daniel Kopulos, arrested last October when greater than 200 exotic birds and reptiles were found dead or in poor condition at his home Weston, CT home,was charged with animal cruelty; punishable by one year in prison and up to $1,000 in fines.The court ordered him to get regular therapy and psychiatric treatment. If he does that for two years and avoids arrest during that time, the costs will be dismissed. In a bizarre twist, Kopulos was at one time the executive director of Animal Preservation Alliance and the founding father of Fauna, an upscale New York City pet store. A 2011 story by the brand new York Times, titled “A Menagerie Where Pets Do the Staring” called Kopulos a “soft-spoken bird whisperer.After losing his lease on his pet shop, Kopulos moved the animals into his home, where they were initially well-cared for. The animals are currently in the care of local veterinarians and rescue groups including Rhode Island Parrot Rescue. Weston Animal Control Officer Mark Harper said Kopulos has made restitution to the town for money the town paid for the care of the birds recovered from the home. – From

– The Once and Future Circus: “Last year once they dropped elephants, [my nephew] Haiden said ‘What next, close the entire circus, then zoos!’ On the bright side, he has vowed to bring it back…starting by impressing people together with his trained conure act! ” reports zoologist Frank Indiviglio.

– Didja Know: The black palm cockatoo, aka the “panda of parrots” is native to the rainforests of the South Pacific, and has real problems within the reproduction department. Not only do captive individuals have trouble successfully rearing chicks, but so do wild mating pairs.Experts aren’t sure why this parrot species has reproductive difficulties, however, it may be linked to their photosensitive skin, which reacts to natural sunlight. Maybe Hank should try a pc dating site.

– It is a Cat… It’s a Plane… it is a parrot that surprised passengers of a Delta flight first by meowing, making them think a ca was on board; then by popping out of a man’s shirt. The emotional support parrot also will {“play dead”. – From nt/emotional-support-bird-plays-dead-and-meows-on-delta-flight

– ParroTV: A flock of budgerigars, some million strong, are featured on the PBS “Nature” episode titled “Swarms”. The massive flock acts uncannily almost like one organism as they take turns drinking from a water hole, maneuvering around {a couple of|a few} kangaroos and avoiding their archenemy, a black falcon.

– {It is time|It’s time} {for you to|so that you can} Stop {All of your|All your|Your entire|Your whole} Crying: My fids never cease to amaze me. They’ve seen me {go through|undergo} so many challenges {over the last|during the last|over the past} 4 years. Pudgy said “Whaa Whaa, Whaa” {and i|and that i} asked him why he was crying, He said “{I’m|I am} crying for you”; followed by kisses and {and several|and a number of other|and several other} “{I love|I like|I really like} you’s” — From a Facebook post.

– Parrotrivia: In his closing monologue, Jerry “Seinfeldrecalls his childhood pet parakeet who flew {into a|right into a} mirror. “{Even if|Even when} he thought it was another room, why {didn’t|did not} he avoid a head on crash with {the other|the opposite} parakeet?”

– Quote o’ the Week: Living with parrots: {it’s|it is} kinda like a blender with no lid {that’s|that is} always on.

– Caution: {As the|Because the} weather warms, {it’s|it is} fun and good for our birds to have some fresh air and sujnshine, but kept under a vigil eye. As one social media post warns, “I just watched a video of two dogs in a neighborhood kill a blue and gold macaw that was outside on a play stand. My heart dropped, my stomach felt sick. If it was my macaw I {would be|can be|could be} crushed so please {if you have|if in case you have|in case you have|when you have|when you’ve got|you probably have} your birds outside {in the|within the} warmer weather {be sure to|be sure you|make sure to|make sure you|remember to|you should definitely|you’ll want to} never take your eyes off of them not even for a minute it {can make|could make} the difference between life and death.” – From a Facebook post

– {Don’t|Do not} Interrupt Us: Just {figured out|discovered|found out} why Charlie keeps falling off his swing. {He’s|He is} been attempting coitus with it! I finally caught him {in the|within the} act. -From a Facebook post.

– Love Working with Parrots?: Rhode Island Parrot Rescue has oodles of them in need of care and is {looking for|in search of|on the lookout for|searching for} volunteers. contact them for info.

– Hot Dates: Pick o’ the Week: 6/3: Wild Parrot Safari. {You can|You may|You possibly can|You’ll be able to} actually see wild (technically naturalized) parrots {in the|within the} “wilderness” {of new|of latest|of recent} York City. Steve Baldwin leads a casual walking tour where feral Quaker parrots live and construct their massive nests. 2901 Camps Rd.,Hilllel Gate, Brooklyn, NY. Call (646) 361-2879 for more info — Ongoing- 5/31: Creative Bird Toy Matching Donation Drive orders of toys height:75px” class=”thumbphoto”>ParrotsWild Quaker Parrots {of new|of latest|of recent} Orleans
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