Getting More Height From your Shoes

When it comes to modern shoes, women have a very large choice available for them on the market. It’s safe to say that it is many times larger than anything available for men. For that reason, looking for shoes can sometimes be a difficult affair. What do you choose when there are over fifty different varieties?

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In case you are searching for added height, the alternatives are quite limited. You’ll have to choose from high heels, wedges and platform heels. They both have their positive and negative aspects. For the aim of this article, we might be concentrating on two popular alternatives to high heels. It is because much has been written about high heels but not so much on platform’s and wedges.

Wedge Shoes

Wedge shoes are a kind of platform styled shoe that was first invented by Salvatore Ferragamo within the mid 20th century. They’re very much in trend in the meanwhile and have had mixed fortunes since its invention. The primary advantage that wedge shoes have over heels is comfort. They add height to the wearer without all of the health risks commonly related to high heels. As such, your feet are safe.

The primary feature of the wedge shoe is the only real itself. There isn’t any other type of women’s shoe that features soles quite prefer it. The only real is a single piece of wood that has full contact with the surface. This ensures that any pressure experienced by the foot is distributed much more evenly than high heels would.

The primary point of contention when it comes with high heels is the very fact that there’s tremendous pressure experienced by the toes as well as the ball of the foot. As such, you will eventually experience problems with foot deformity in addition to tendonitis. But wedges should not without their problems. Because they mimic high heels, the slope experienced by the heel can lead to posture and back problems. Overall, a very trendy type of shoe at the moment.

Platform Shoes

The essential platform shoe has much in common in wedge shoes. It was invented a couple of hundred years before wedge shoes actually. As is the case with many popular women’s shoes, they were initially worn by both genders. Men wore them for the elevation because it was commonly seen as enhancing their position of power. As such, many people from the elite class of Western society commonly used them.

Modern platform shoes almost always refer to women’s shoes today. Unlike wedges, basic platform shoes are modeled after high heels. As such, the one two points in touch with the surface are the heel and the toe area. The one difference between high heels and platform heels are the fact that the toe are is thick, giving the shoe additional height. But they are also easier on the feet as the slope between the toes and the heel is reduced. Overly thick platform shoes are always chunky, very like wedges.

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