Haute Couture From Humble Beginnings

The brand new kids on the Italian luxury design block are Dolce & Gabbana, who launched their brand and store in Milan 1985 after a successful run as a design consulting studio. By 1990, they, too, were worldwide.

-brand-new-sgd-950-salvatore-ferragamo-mini-ginny-black-salvatore ...Though individually distinct, gorgeous and globally recognizable, what all of these design brands have in common is a fundamental commitment to quality materials, quality construction, and craftsmanship within the tradition of Italian masters. Each can also be a testament to hard work, family ownership and generational talent. Yes, they’re expensive, and represent a major investment of resources. Consider, however, that a handbag or tote made by one of these designers may be expected to last for a few years, and remain an iconic style statement that rises above trends and fads. Goods as well-made as these hold up for decades when cared for properly. And these are brands the makers stand behind; service and care offered to their customers is unparalleled. To this I can personally attest.

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