How to Get A Luxurious Designer Wardrobe On A Modest Salary

Ferragamo Vara Flats in Fuschia WomenDid you see the Fall 2008/Winter 2009 Able to Wear Collection by Armani? How about Versace’s Fall and Winter collection. Make that couture. Just to own a wardrobe filled with such outfits would be any woman’s dream come true. If it isn’t your dream and someone hands you such a designer wardrobe in size M or L and you don’t need it, donate it to me. That would be my dream come true.

Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes 80s Black by BeatificVintageSeriously. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wear such stunning outfits for real? Just imagine wearing Prada to work, or for lunch. Ferragamo for the dinner date.

Then again, if your salary is as pathetic as mine, It could take months (or years) to save lots of up enough to buy just one dress.

A girl can dream, cannot she?

Take a better take a look at Valentino’s latest ready to wear collection. It was designed by a young lady designer who created outfits that women would like to wear. Feminine, elegant, pretty and practical. Totally beautiful. Come to think of it, where did she come from?

The point is that this. Even if you can’t afford the newest offerings by the highest end luxury brands, you can still dress in beautiful clothes.

There are several ways of doing this without resorting to bank robbery.

Even on my paltry salary, I own 2 beautiful versace skirts and a DKNY dress. I got the skirts at 70% off and the dress at 90% off at a warehouse sale 10 years ago.

At the tip of every season, stores are desperate to do away with old stocks and make way for the new clothes. They’re willing to supply steep discounts on what’s left of the past season’s clothes. For those who browse carefully through discount racks, you’ll be able to pick up treasures – timeless pieces out of your favourite designer which are seasonless. Avoid trendy items like bubble skirts which is able to look dated once the trend is over.

Consider teamwork. If you have friends you trust completely and who’ve similar tastes in fashion as yours and who wear the same size clothing as you, consider a shared designer wardrobe. Each of you contributes and agreed some to the common pool each month and together, you use the funds to purchase something all of you love. Have a calendar and work out fairly who gets to wear what each day of the year.

Go for fashion by upcoming young designer who are about to make it big on this world. You get the perfect just before the world realizes it, at a still affordable price. For instance, Forzieri jackets [] are by highly talented Italian designers and fabricated from the finest materials, but are still much more affordable than their big name counterparts.

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