How you can Make So-so Dress Pants Oh So Fabulous

Modern-day modern day dress pant has many uses – it is a work “go-to” when denim is unacceptable, dresses up an ultra casual top, and makes a press release when paired with stellar heels. But as trends come and go, a once fabulous pair of dress pants can start to feel very dated and stop inspiring style and confidence.

Shop Salvatore Ferragamo Gancio Clutch Bag at Modalist ...This week Savvy City Girl shares 3 quick and simple ideas which might be guaranteed to help you get more mileage out of the dress pants that are not holding their very own in your closet.

1) Tailor them into Dress Shorts

The most obvious edit to a pair of dress pants is to have them tailored into shorts. It is a cost effective and easy fix that any good seamstress can do for you. The secret is finding the proper length that appears good on your body and fits your lifestyle.

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76.0! Ferragamo shoes for MEN #231112,Ferragamo outlet,cheap MEN ...– Leave pant legs in tact and let your tailor cut and fit them on you. An experienced seamstress or tailor will be able to take enough of the leg off and pin it at various lengths to offer you an idea of how they will fall on your leg. (Savvy City Girl 101 – you should have a seamstress or tailor whom you trust, who has reasonable prices and who hears you. If you do not have one, start auditioning them today!)

– If you’ll be able to wear dress shorts to work, consider a longer short. You may be surprised at how often you may go for shorts over pants or a skirt when the weather warms up. That’s because there may be something understated and sexy about dress shorts. And they stay in place while showing a bit of leg.

– Micro shorts look amazing on tone legs, so if you have been figuring out regularly, consider being slightly daring with the length. Don’t fret, you won’t be alone – for S/S 2010 short short is everywhere!

– Dress them up. Blazers, heels, lace, ruffles, sequence – dress shorts are the opposite of casual. And so they work wonderfully for day-to-night looks.

– Dress shorts have been here for awhile, with tweaks being added each season. Nevertheless it does not seem like this trend is on its way out. This look will take you into F/W 2010 when paired with opaque tights or leggings.

– Ensure to incorporate the 2010 bow trend by adding a wide satin belt tied right into a chunky bow.

– Works best with all styles of dress pants.

2) Get Tied

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! is more than a sexy and controversial film by Pedro Almodovar. It is also one among my fave 2010 runway looks. This edit is really easy and may change a pair of ordinary pants into a statement piece that elongates the legs and slims the thighs.

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Here’s How:

  • Select two 4 foot long strips of fabric ribbon (1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inches wide) in a complimentary color/print
  • Starting at back, wrap across the ankle 2-3 times and tie into bow at front or side
  • Pair with heels or ankle boots

– That is the simplest day-to-evening look to get you from the office to a cocktail party. Just tuck the ribbons into your handbag and tie up those ankles before heading out.

– Military inspired, Asian fusion or ruffled prints are only a few of the many styles that will work with this look.

– Borrow from Gucci runway S/S 2010 and use your ankle tie or strap shoes to tie down those pant legs.

– Worried about your ties coming loose? They need to stay in place so long as you aren’t dancing the night away or running a marathon. Still not sure? A simple stitch by your tailor or a safety pin will keep them in place for SCGs on the move.

– Works best with straight leg pants that fall at the ankle, wide leg pants that fall below the ankle, and adds a nice twist to tuxedo pants.

3) Turn So-So Dress Pants Into Hip Ankle Drawstrings

Adding a cinching drawstring to the bottom hem of dress pants gives an unexpected casual feel to these fashion workhorses. The ankle tie pant was all over the S/S 10 and F/W 10 runways shown by designers from Jean-Paul Gaultier to Calvin Klein. And there’s an oh-so-easy way to convert so-so to fabulous with a few simple steps.

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Here is how to convert your pants into ankle drawstring pants:

What You Need:

  • 2 yards (6 feet) of 1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inch fabric ribbon (try satin) in a complimentary color
  • Pair of scissors
  • Medium or large safety pin

4 Easy Steps:

1) Turn pant legs inside-out to expose underside of pant leg hem and locate either an inner vertical seam or an outer vertical seam.

2) On each side of the vertical seam, cut two small slits within the underside of the hem. Slits should be between 1″- 2″ apart, leaving 1/4″ on the highest and bottom edge of the hem.

3) Attach the safety pin to ribbon and tread through one slit into seams by cinching fabric around safety pin and pulling through until you may pull the ribbon out the other slit.

4) Turn pant leg rightside-out. Remove safety pin from ribbon and tie right into a bow.

Keep In Mind:

– Drawstring ankle ties will help keep the pant leg on the ankle while giving a hint of fullness.

– Wear now with flats, flip/flops or open-toe pumps. This look will tuck into your ankle or mid-calf boots for F/W 2010 leaving a pleasant billow above the boot.

– Pair this casual pant look with an ultra feminine and flirty top (think soft silks and ruffles). Add a biker jacket or cashmere cardi for F/W 2010.

– Bored with the look? Remove the ribbon and you are pants are back to their original style!

– Not sure you wish to try this at home? Your tailor can do this for you for pennies.

– Works best with: straight leg pants that fall right on the ankle, cargo pants, full leg pants and below the knee cropped pants. Avoid trying with flare leg pants.

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