Italians Do It Better

Tourists flock to Italy from everywhere in the world; in love with the history, the food, the culture and the fashion, not necessarily in that order, depending on individual taste.

We know that relating to fashion and magnificence or “bella figura” as the Italians prefer to call it, translated it means an excellent image and Italy can certainly boast designers like Armani, Versace, Dolce Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, just to name a number of, not forgetting the famous shoe brands, like Ferragamo, Tods, Magli, where the Italians excel, both in style and craftsmanship, you can’t beat Italian shoe wear; that’s why you’ll find Italian clothing and shoes a serious export to each corner of the globe: brand names which have become a household word, wherever you go.

For the Italian, particularly in Rome, on an everyday basis, style comes naturally and not something that is talked about too much, it is just the way it’s; well dressed to the Italian means dressing correctly for the occasion, which implies an enormous no to the jogging suit being worn in the street, something that has become totally acceptable to the remainder of the world.

For the Roman, however, whether a secretary, a daily working person or knowledgeable it’s all about style and presence; as the day begins, decked out from head to foot.

The only place you will see a jogging suit is in the gym and even there, the code is to arrive in style and leave in style, never missing a beat. They know the right way to wear and strutt their stuff with a minimum of fuss; it seems to come naturally, the jacket, the scarf, the hair, the boots, the handbag, accessorized perfectly stating, “I’ve arrived”

Even the female cop directing the traffic in Rome’s Piazza Venezia looks like a ex supermodel, in full makeup and long blond hair flowing out from under her cap.

Where did all this style originate from: perhaps it’s the almost three thousand years of history, influenced by the Emperors who entered the Senates with such pride receiving overwhelming crowd recognition or the Roman soldiers of their splendid gold suited armor and head wear, proud to be a part of the Roman Empire.

So is the rest of the world too casual? Have countries like America, Australia or England taken “casual Friday” or the “track suit” too far?

Ferragamo Vara Bow Single Wrap Bracelet in Red - LystWhat created that kind acceptability in these countries and why would people NOT wish to look their best, when to the Italians it is not even a question.”It’s not important”, you might say, but let’s face it, they appear better.

But how can they afford to dress that way, you might ask? It isn’t about money, it’s about taste and having a very good eye. Firstly however you need to care the way you present.

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