Ladies..which Designer Lable Do You Prefer, Out Of these Below?

Ladies..which designer lable do you prefer, out of these below?

Ferragamo Scotty Velvet Vara Smoking Slipper in Black (nero (black ...

ferragamo, chanel, louis vuitton,prada,D%26amp;G,or my favorite, gucci???? and why?|||If u meant label , then I feel out off all this , I really like the soft woollen clothing that was stiched by my granny herself on my 7th birthday. I still have it and cherish it so much. I loved my granny and she’s no more. I’m happy I shared this story. she’s the very best designer.|||none im poor|||asda works for me.|||how shallow are you|||Chanel… classic and beautiful|||I prefer Chanel clothes for their timeless elegance . Love their perfume also.|||D%26amp;G–because it’s stylish and does not look ridiculous. What number of times do you have a look at something on the runway and say, “wow, why, when and how would you ever wear that”

Also, your question is simply too vague and unfair. I mean, does not it rely on what your looking for? Wouldn’t you want to buy purses and such from Gucci and perfume and make-up from Chanel? Maybe try to be specific.

As for others, some people just find things like this interesting or important. Its sort of sad that you’ve to put in writing a response to tell someone that they’re “shallow” when you are not curing cancer either.|||Chanel. Especially the spring and summer collection this year. Karl Lagerfeld’s designs were amazing, a bit futuristic, but still classic.

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