Learn how to Authenticate A Ferragamo Belt Part2/2

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The best way to Authenticate a Ferragamo Belt Part2/2

Ferragamo Gancini Icona Saffiano Zip Wallet in Black - Lyst

Buckle 3’s Backside

Coming to the straps, if you look on the straps very closely, you’ll see that there is a variety of difference between the strap which is of the fake belt and that strip which is of the original one. Guantee that the ‘Salvatore Ferragamo’ and other characters are engraved and never embossed on the strap. Look at those pictures in order to differ:

Fake Belt Strap

Original Belt Straps

The engraving on the original belt’s strap

The last of the guide, the packing contents. Just remember to check the receipt and what it comprises of. These are the packing contents of the belt:

The receipt holder

The box

The receipt

This was all! Thank you very much for reading the guide. I hope this helps. I’m not responsible for the way you might interpret this. Always buy your products from authorized and authentic stores. Don’t go for those on the sale, they may turn out to be fake.

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