My Lifelong Love Affair With Gucci Loafers

Mr Darling, the 1970s hottie? You, perhaps?

Salvatore Ferragamo Milano - Collections Fall Winter 2017-18 - Shows ...I’ve never owned a pair of Gucci loafers but well might by tonight. Eighteen years ago I bought, in haste, a pair of Ferragamo loafers and, believe me, the old saying “… in haste, repent at leisure” holds true all these years later.

... Bags for Men, Men

My shoes, generally speaking, are relatively anonymous – Alden and Peal and Co., but recently I bought a pair of Prada blue suede driving shoes which go particularly well my oldest, most faded pair of 501s. After seeing your party favorites I believe I am off to Nieman’s this afternoon to peruse the Gucci offerings.

Gucci gardening shoes! That is style!

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