My Thrift Store Find.(a Salvatore Ferragamo Bag)

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Mens Bracelet - Salvatore FerragamoTo thrift or not to thrift that’s the question? During my school age years it was looked down upon to buy at second-hand or thrift stores. Mainly because back then clothes weren’t as stylish as they at the moment are (in my view). But I have to say that nowadays with the economy being the best way it is individuals are having to part with their better quality items just to make ends meet. I see alot of yard sales on Saturday’s and Ebay and Craigslist are filled with reasonable goodies. Which brings me to the subject at hand. Last week my Mom came across this “authenticSalvatore Ferragamo handbag at Diversity Thrift store here in Richmond. Are you able to guess the worth she paid?.$3.98. Yes your eyes don’t fool you. It wasn’t even “Four Bucks I quickly told her that I’d “keepit for her (wink,wink). Now I will admit, I don’t shop there as much as she does, but after seeing this bag I’m gonna start. You actually must have patience, and sanitizer lol, to rake through all of the items thoroughly. Over time she and I have found Gucci and Fendi bags and shoes all for a fraction of the original prices. I’m a strong believer in mixing high with low so although I do buy designer items from shops, I never turn my nose up at second hand stores either. I haven’t found the unique price yet on this handbag below but I’ve googled it over and over. I’m estimating it was originally no less than $500 in keeping with similiar handbags that I see on the Salvatore Ferragamo website. (If any of you happen to locate and price this exact one, please feel free to comment under this post). But when you recognize like I do know, I’d head out to my nearest thrift store asap!

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