Object Of Desire: Ferragamo Varina Flats

I’ve never been one to spend a lot of money on my shoes. I was reluctant to, thinking it was sacrilege to be stepping on very pricey shoes. Ferragamo is one of those old shoe brands I’ve eyed up for the longest time without ever taking the plunge.

Salvatore Ferragamo Men Reversible And Adjustable Belt SaleHowever, I recently went to take a look at the Ferragamo Varina flats for a friend and I’ll be darned if I didn’t half fall in love with them myself 😛 Enough to make me re-think my reluctance.

The Varina flat has a 1cm heel which isn’t much, but to my surprise, helps the shoe feel a bit more comfortable than if it was totally flat. The shoe itself hugs the foot yet somehow makes the foot look dainty. It is sort of as if probably the most casual of outfits is lifted up a notch just wearing these shoes.

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There is some padding at the inner sole and my foot actually felt very comfortable within the shoe. I discovered that it runs true to size if I base it on the European sizing, where it feels a bit snug at the toes (perhaps because its new), but otherwise is comfortable. Granted, I only walked about in it in the store (as long as I could 😛 ) in order that isn’t much to go on. But still, it was one of those shoes you don’t really want to take off 😛

Oh and another thing that sold me on the Varina as opposed to the opposite designs available is the signature Salvatore Ferragamo grosgrain bow in a matching colour with the shoe and held down with a gold, silver or brushed metal buckle depending on the fabric of the shoe. It makes a serviceable shoe look at once pretty, chic and classic.

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