Please Show Me What is the Cutest Heels That A Teenager Can Wear.?

Please show me what is the cutest heels that a teenager can wear.?

Salvatore Ferragamo SF676 Designer Sunglasses - Fashionwell, i am 16 and wanna try to wear a pair of heels but i don’t wish to appear to be i’m 20 or older. also, i wish to wear it with jeans and still feel comfortable, i see the women in 17 magazine use heels for every occasion. so, sure i wanna try too. they looked pretty cute on heels. and please don’t tell me about brands that’s so expensive live gucci or salvatore ferragamo or anything|||I have some great heels that I love to wear, but they’re pretty expensive, so I tried to pick some safe bets for high school students. Kitten heels are always great, comfortable, cute, and never too mature, steer clear of anything over 3 inches though.

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