Plzzzz Help! Is It An Appropriate Gift For My B/f’s Mom?

Plzzzz help! Is it an appropriate gift for my b/f’s mom?Will she hate me?

Salvatore Ferragamo - Canada - Official StoreI will spent Christmas with my boyfriend and his parents. Since right now I’m working in China and here they sell all sorts of fake bag–Fendi,LV,Ferragamo,Coach… And they give the impression of being so nice that it’s so hard to tell! Is it appropriate to offer my boyfriend’s mom a fake designer hand bag as Christmas gift? That will probably be the first time I meet them. What do you think?|||don’t fret about the appropriate gift or not!! your mum b/f will hate you whatever you purchase for her. it is nature!

just be yourself and if you think it’s nice, then get it for her. whenever i buy a gift for someone, i believe if i prefer it or not. if its something that i might wear, then yes i will get it.|||Sorry, but no. If you happen to give her a fake, not an actual, and she knows/can tell it’s a fake it is going to be saying, “sorry, but you are not worth an actual designer purse.”|||No. Faux makes foe.|||Its appropriate till you are not making an impression that it is original, or for that matter you are not making an effort to clear the immpression of an original.|||I see no problem with it. If she realizes the difference, she’ll probably think you weren’t able to afford the true thing and she’ll appreciate the effort of finding something similar.|||I feel it is okay to give her a fake one They give the impression of being just as nice without the ugly cost. As long as she likes hand bags I say do it. Besides, it is always the thought that counts and clearly you could have put a lot of thought into it.|||It is not about the gift. People should like you the way you are and not depending on the gifts you give them. it’s the thought that counts. Don’t be concerned, a pleasant mom would love it. Oh yeah and make sure you know what she likes and uses because what if she would not wear bags.|||Giving her a knock off bag might give her a poor first impression of you. You don’t need to have her connecting you with a fake. Try giving her something that is unique to China. A lovely, but not too expensive plate or vase perhaps.|||Yes! I believe she’ll love it. Just give it an excellent look over, because there are good copies and bad copies.

Good Luck!|||I dont see any thing wrong with it|||No. You shoudn’t get her a imitation. It won’t seem too sincere. In case you get her something you can afford and you might be sincere about it, I feel she will feel your sincerity and not mind a lot about the worth of the item.|||no not for the primary time go along with something genuine like a pleasant scent or scarf send the bag to me i need one!

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