Salvatore Ferragamo Bali Jelly Bow Thong

I simply can’t resist Ribbons… Last few weeks to a month ago, I used to be browsing online for sales because it’s Mid-Year. Who doesn’t like sales? =P

WomenI really like shopping on USA sites, like nordstrom, neiman marcus, saksfifthavenue etc~ Too many favorite online shopping websites. This time I decided to visit Ferragamo US site to buy, this will probably be my 2nd time doing so and i just love their jelly thongs~ I choose red(Rosso) because the “cream color” was out-of-stock. T_T

Usual Price USD195 after 30% I paid USD137, sales ended.

Here comes the parcel~ I ordered through Agent on the 7th July, and the whole waiting and shipping process took roughly about 3 weeks, so I received on the 29th July. I am unable to imagine if I’ve the possibility to go to the US, guess I could shop non-stop… =X

The photocopied order invoice and the shoe model, Salvatore Ferragamo Bali Jelly Bow Thong in Rosso color, which is red. I got long feet so my shoe size needs to be a US Size 8.5, then I bought Size 9 before it was too long for me. Decided to go for an 8, if it is a covered shoe I have to go for True-to-Size or Size 9. My unboxing begins~ =)

You’ll always have the Ferragamo card and the dustbag.

Many papers inside to keep up the shape of the slipper, also extra papers to prevent them from rubbing against each other and moving around. My older black jelly thongs became flatter because I stacked other shoes on top of it… T_T

Love the jelly thongs so much… I regret not buying this older design in black too, my black jelly thong bow were quilted, I personally still prefer this material more.

In love with the mini gold Ferragamo~ I am a person if I really like something a lot, I don’t mind getting it in other colors. I bet some of you too, like our clothes and a few stuffs we actually like… Hehe… =P

Sometimes the color looks a bit different by different light that I’m using, it’s really yep Red… Chili Red =O

Here are more pictures to view, I do really recommend them they’re very comfortable and washable with water and some soap(anti-bacteria), wipe them dry and when it is totally dry you may keep the subsequent day. I’m more a clean freak person haha… Ok just wanna be fungus-free~

Very good quality rubber, I don’t have any problems with all my Ferragamo Jellies. =)

The bottom of the jelly thongs, made in Italy. Sorry it’s really hard to capture the identical color plus mini wordings on my camera.

This shot was taken by my samsung selfie digital camera without flashlight.

Looks like coral pink but it’s chili red, here is the side view that I’m wearing. Now the size 8 fits perfect~ ^_^

Finally, took probably the most accurate chili red that imagined to appear to be. Red on my feet the first time, makes my feet so fair… I am so surprised~ Great color for Summer Yay~~ =D

My Ferragamo mini collection, jelly shoes mini collection hehe… Except My Joyful ballet flats, I bought too big… I thought covered shoes I might have bigger so I ordered 9.5~~ Absolutely wrong…

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