Salvatore Ferragamo Belt Guide Fake Vs Real Part 1 Of 3

I’m writing this guide to help fellow eBayer’s identify counterfeit Salvatore Ferragamo belts. I’ve noticed that counterfeiters from all over the world are producing better quality replicas by focusing their energies on the small details. With better replicas, eBay deal seekers are now at the next risk of buying a knock off.
I’m fully aware that this guide might get in the wrong hands, but am still publishing this guide because I wished there was some kind of reference for me to find out between real and fake Ferragamo belts. So instead of telling you exactly what to look for, I’ve used pictures of authenitc and fake belts side by side that clearly show the shortcomings of the fakes; I will also give you pointers on where to look so you may see these shortcomings. I cannot describe the details of the flaw.

Salvatore Ferragamo - Gancini Leather Portfolio - BagsIf you want this guide, please vote for me. If you discover any flaws please share them, if you like something please tell me, should you think I need to change something please tell me.

So let’s get started :

1. Overview of all belt buckles being reviewed:

Within the above picture the buckle on top of the white bag is fake. The other three are real.
Things to look for:

Front Side:

  1. Tail of the “o” at the tip of Ferragamo (have a look at the photographs see the main points I am leaving out) (tail leaving the highest = good || tail leaving in the course of the “o” or at the bottom or the “o” = bad)
  2. Size of “__Ferragamo__” engraving with relation to the place and size of object (“__ ” means empty space)

2a. It is always centered to the flat portion of the plate (have a look at the photographs see the small print I’m leaving out)
3. Take a look at which parts of the buckle are shinny (chrome finish) or dull (matte finish or brushed nickel finish)

Back Side:

  1. Notice what’s engraved on the top side of the teeth flap (blank or engraving)
  2. Notice the type of teeth getting used (square or pointy) (part the holds the buckle to the belt)
  3. Type of screw getting used (this is not a giant give away – minor detail)
  4. Serial numbers under teeth plate (not all belts need to have this, however the newer ones do)
  5. Type of pin (the part that holds the belt in the opening) being used (this isn’t a giant give away – minor detail) (Different variations)

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