Salvatore Ferragamo Belt Guide Fake Vs Real Part 3

Salvatore Ferragamo Black 92% Off - Salvatore Ferragamo Hobos ...Again, please use this guide as a reference only and not as a sole technique of verifying the authenticity of goods. I take no responsibility on how you employ this guide. This guide cannot be referenced in any claim (of any sort).


  1. Notice the shape of the belt tails (or ends) (what is in common)
  2. Concentrate to the kind of belts which have markings on the leather strap and which of them don’t.
  3. Where are these engravings or markings located (near the tails = bad) (no engravings = ok , engravings in the middle with stars = good )

Reversible belts tend to not have any engravings/markings on leather straps
Ferragamo puts details comparable to : where the belt was made (with one star) and serial number on its engravings on leather strap.
Pay close attention to how these markings look.
Quite often these engravings are ink stamps. Engraving or embossing the leather is sort of rare.

4. Look at the belt holes, the should be round and clean cut.

Mixed sets:

Left most belt is a fake. Call it belt 1
Belt 2 is an older Ferragamo belt not intended to be used as a reversible belt.
Belt 3 modern reversible Ferragamo belt
Belt 4 modern reversible Ferragamo belt

Bottom belt is the fake one

Sample engraving on the older style Ferragamo belt that was not intended for use as a reversible

Embossing on the fake belt

Black sides of belts.

Right most belt is the fake one.

Belt stays or Belt loops

Left set fake

Right set real


Original packing contents (hit the image limit that ebay has set for the guides so everything is just not pictured)

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