Salvatore Ferragamo Sneakers

Traditionally a high end Italian footwear designer, Salvatore Ferragamo has recently crossed over into the sportier, more street side of the industry with its collection of men’s luxury sneakers. The selection forms a part of the brand’s endeavour to characterise the contemporary Ferragamo man, who strikes a tailored, sporty fashion profile.

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The investment sneakers debuted with ‘A Man’s Story a series of online videos, portraits, and interviews showcasing seven influencers from around the world. These include professional hockey player Henrik Lundqvist and photographer Ryan McGinley.
The release also coincides with the 100th anniversary of Salvatore Ferragamo’s arrival in the United States from his Italian homeland in 1914. The new sneakers come available in calfskin, crocodile, and ostrich, and reveal Ferragamo’s edgier street-style which aligns with current trends in men’s spring clothing and accessories.
The 15 new sneakers are priced from $594 to $3,740.

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