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Salvatore Ferragamo???

What do you consider this brand???

Salvatore Ferragamo, Beverly Hills, CitySeekerBe specific and honest|||I honestly love this designer’s shoes and leatherwear. They are so authentic and original. Their handbag is way better than Louis Vuitton’s. The value is a bit steep but sometime I find them on bluefly for a less expensive price.|||they’ve some cute handbags but overpriced for me.. i dont really like much of their other stuff like clothes and shoes either.|||This is a top notch caliber brand of fine Italian leather handbags, shoes and clothing items. The shoes are absolutely exquisite as well as the handbags. I could go on and on concerning the handbags and how well crafted they are made. Only the very best Italian leathers are used for the bags in addition to hardware. I really like this brand because it is timeless. They don’t seem to be “trendy” wild bags like most brands. Only the very sophisticated appreciate this brand.

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