Shirley Jingsi Huang

... italia july 2007 photo by steven meisel 2008 vogue italia august 2008

Every time you open magazines, watch entertainment news or browse through the internet, you see celebrities all dressed up in beautiful dresses, perfect hairdos and makeups on the red carpet. You look at them with envy and think “Why can’t I look identical to that?” The answers are as simple as: you don’t have the budget, Missy! Those celebrities are glammed up by the designer gods comparable to Valentino, Calvin Klein, Channel, Ferragamo, and Michael Korrs and so forth and so forth. Have you ever seen a celebrity wearing a $20 dollar dress on the red carpet? Certainly not! Their makeup and hairdo were made by the highest makeup artist from the beauty industry. So what does an average Jane like it’s best to do? The answer is pretty simple as well: Research, Budget and Patience! That will help you out, this is a lowdown on how one can dress like a star throughout the budget.

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