Style And Comfort Combined

Once i wear a pair of wedge shoes, I feel comfort that no other shoe can give. It is all about the shape and design of the wedge that makes it so comfortable. Originally, the wedge was designed by a man named Salvatore Ferragamo. His vision was somewhat kooky and outrageous on the time within the 30s. The design happened because of his desire to make the most effective footwear possible with the most incredible look.

... shoes for Women #186842, $91 USD- [GT186842] - Replica Ferragamo shoesAs a shoe designer to the Hollywood stars, Salvatore decided to do something different. Incorporating both design and anatomy he created the wedge shoe. Not only did he create a totally new style of shoe, but he developed a totally new heel type: the cork heel. One in all the reasons the he chose cork was due to the shortage and rationing of fabrics and materials (leather and cotton) because of the war in Europe. It is this unique and beautiful approach to creating footwear that set not only Salvatore apart, but his creation; the wedge shoe. That is why I said the wedge shoe is essentially the most comfortable, because it was made to be exactly that. But comfort isn’t all the wedge has to offer.

Contrary to some beliefs that the wedge shoe is made for casual wear, Ferragamo, as a designer to the stars, made a red carpet style of shoe. His designs were specially made for years for women like Eva Peron and Marilyn Monroe. What Salvatore started, other designers improved upon.

Salvatore Ferragamo Flats Color Red Metal Buckle WomenThe wedge shoe has grown from a red carpet, funky shoe to a series of styles. There are platform wedges, where the toe of the shoe is raised up slightly or up to equal to the heel. A casual shoe, called the espadrille, made with canvas upper and woven heels is another style of wedge. Designers from all around the world have no less than one design each season as a wedge. In the 2008 there have been cool styles from designers like Marc Jacobs and Phillip Lim which hit the runways. While the styles on the runway are usually excessive, they’re based on the what hits the ready to wear styles. One example is the “geisha” styles that were featured on the runway. The designs are made for a dazzling runway, but are generally not featured as able to wear clothing.

There are so many different styles of wedge it cannot be covered in a single article. If you are looking for a comfy, sexy, fun style of shoe, you will find everything you need in a wedge.

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As a fanatical shoe shopper, I find that wedge shoes find yourself in my closet greater than most other styles. I’ve around 20 pair and every is unique in its own way. For more about womens wedge shoes or the basic white wedge shoes, please visit me at my website where there are a variety of topics now, and to come, on wedges.

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