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Would you wear the Loro Piana Horsey jacket in pink? Also has a pink quilted/cashmere lined vest that detaches

Salvatore Ferragamo Women Medium Double Gancio Belt Sale PEK149 ...I just love the Loro Piana Horsey jacket – costs @1500K, out of my range at this moment – saw one online for lower than half this cost – think it may be an impulsive moment and that i”ll seem like a jar of pepto bismo – however the jacket is outstanding as most Loro Piana items are – curious to listen to feedback. I’m a stay at home mom and wear lots of chinos, rarely wear jeans, and loads of Gucci, Ferragamo loafers etc..|||no|||Feels like FUN TO ME. If you happen to GET A DEAL GO FOR IT.|||If it is going to keep me warm yes.|||well i do not know what you might be talking about but if its pink i’m there you go girl right on and im 50 and that i dress the way i need too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|||Yes. I actually have a friend that wishes to buy one (she is currently in search of one on eBay). I luv your style by-the-way.

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