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Italian fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo will launch a brand new feminine fragrance from February 2015 called Emozione (Emotion)…

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The upcoming composition by perfumer Alberto Morillas reportedly seeks to woo the more mature counterparts to the wearers of Signorina. They’re hoping to match the latter marketing success.

Model Malgosia Bela who will front the advertising campaign expressed her feelings about the fragrance saying,

It is about laughter and tears and everything that’s important in life. Once i look at the [campaign] picture I see it, I see that I’m touched; I see it in my expression….I don’t know why, but there is something more emotional about black and white.

Perfumer Alberto Morillas – who is well-known for his services to the fragrance industry and his capacity to translate brand universes into highly qualitative perfumes – explained that it made sense that the Ferragamo story start on a note of Florentine iris, an ingredient reputed for its fineness and luxury feel.

Salvatore Ferragamo

He not too long ago created an iris opus for niche brand Penhaligon’s as you can examine on this Q & A with TSS. The nose is thought for a number of characteristic traits like his work on white musk, and more recently, iris.

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