To wash To wash Black Leather Loafers?

To clean to wash black leather loafers?

Salvatore Ferragamo ShoeI’ve a pair of Ferragamo leather loafers, which I, unfortunately, had to walk in 3 inches of snow, as a result of snowstorm in the East Coast last week. When i got home, I immediately placed shoe trees in them and placed them within the garage to air them out. After a day, I noticed white smudges everywhere in the shoes. I tried wiping them off with a soft cloth and water, and it vanished, but came back when it dried up. Any suggestions?

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(I’m hoping no one replies with “Buy new ones…”)|||Yes. Use Saddle Soap. It’s a soap that used for use for cleaning leather saddles and it’s nontoxic, doesn’t harm the leather but will clean out any salt. Kiwi sells some at Wal-mart.|||My vote is saddle soap (go light on the water usage), and then polish and buff when they dry out fully.

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