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How can I learn the way much my limited edition 2002 Ferragamo heels are worth today?

replica Salvatore Ferragamo Casual Shoes Black LadiesI’ve called three different Ferragamo stores, they usually only carry product books from 2006 and forward. I bought them for $365 in 2002, and the only thing the sales associate at the 5th Avenue store in New York can tell me is that the value of their shoes have gone up significantly. I am unable to find anything remotely close to those shoes ANYWHERE on-line, and that i just wish to understand how much they would go for now, considering that they are limited edition and STUNNING. Here is a quick description of the shoe:

... Leg Boots - Salvatore Ferragamo Knee length boots, WomenThey’re dark blue, with iridescent stitching of the Ferragamo logo (horseshoe buckle thing-y) over all the shoe. They are slingbacks, with a gunmetal-looking heel that is about 3 inches high (shiny and truly looks like metal, just beautiful).|||I would check on ebay to see if anyone else has them up, or other community shoe sale shops.

Also, I’d ask around on shoe-enthusiast forums. Maybe if the main site has a forum you could possibly ask there?|||the one method to know is to bring them to a concienment shop and ask how much they’re worth.

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