What Colors Pants Can I Wear With Light Tan Horsebit Shoes?

HandbagsWhat colors pants can I wear with light tan horsebit shoes?

the shoes are ferragamo horsebit light tan shoes.|||Black or dark denim.|||a deep dark denim would look gorgeous with the Ferragamo’s you’ve got. It would showcase the detailing of the leather and everything!

If not deep denim, I might go all out and get a crazy colored pair of jeans, like a reasonably shade of emerald green or a cool color of purple.|||Try a pair or casual looking jeans and a shirt that matches the shoes, wear gold jewelry with it. unless your going to a wedding or something like that.|||white to be very dressy

black just regularly

jeans for casual..


try them out and see what you like best =D

it depends on the occasion


hopei helped.|||Plaid|||Maybe a dark or light tan? Do whatever, you are your own dresser, you may set trends do what You like|||cacks…and light jeans…and doubtless black|||skinny dark wash jeans.

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