When Is It Appropriate To Wear A Light Colored Suit?

When we consider the quintessential power suit the image of a dark suit, bright tie and white shirt quickly comes to mind. For decades this image has been synonymous with the wall street raider, flesh eating lawyer and cold hearted captain of industry. This was the facility suit. We bought into to it and soon had closets full of the “Donald Trump.” Then funny enough through the late nineties something happened.

81% off Ferragamo Shoes - Authentic used Salvadore FERRAGAMO shoes ...It was the internet bubble and the business casual revolution. The brand new power went from dark suit to jeans and t-shirts, from Salvatore Ferragamo to flip flops.The following 4-5 years would turn American office dress codes on its head as more and more non tech businesses adopted a more business casual attitude.When the bubble finally burst there was no turning back to the “bigger is best” attitude left by the power hungry 80’s.

That was 2 bubbles ago and with the great recession comes the return of the well dressed man. That is just case and point, how much clothing has an effect on our psyche. When times were great people dressed down, even sloppy. When times got tough people felt the necessity to look more serious and putting the suit back on showed that they meant business.

A light colored suit or pretty much any suit out side of the charcoal gray and navy blue range, is the prefect way of dressing down while still being dressed up. You will notice peoples reactions to you improve when you are dressed in this manner.

While business casual weekdays continue to dwindle across the board, the nice thing is that we would not have to go back to the Tony Soprano way of dressing and dark suits need not be the one suits in your wardrobe.

The three must own light colored suits appropriate for nearly any business function are:

The heather gray suit- Worn with a tie and a pastel shirt it communicates approachability and trust, Worn with out a tie and you have a stylish suit for dinners and cocktails.

The tan cotton suit- perfect for hot days on the office its an ideal option to dress down while being dressed up

The blue suit- A pleasant rich true blue is a stunning suit. It turns heads because of its almost electric color and shows utter confidence when paired with a white shirt and dark tie.

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