Which Dress Would Match These Shoes?

Which dress would match these shoes?

i’ve shoes very similar to the ones at this link

Men Men


which dress do you think looks better( that is for semi formal dance)



help is far appreciated|||This one: http://www.forevernew.com.au/Luella-Flounce-Dress.aspx?p12450%26amp;cr=045901

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only because I think this dress is cuter.|||the first one(:|||i like #2 better but i think the shoes would go better with #1|||this is a very hard decision to make. both dresses look absolutely beautiful.

i would have to pick the primary dress. i hope i helped and have fun on the dance! %26lt;3|||http://www.forevernew.com.au/Luella-Flounce-Dress.aspx?p12450%26amp;cr=045901

FOR SURE! the light floral back grounded beige combined makes for a light elegant yet hot, sexy and calm look in to blend with the shoes.|||Both would look good but I would say the second dress. The white florals will contrast nicely. The purple one’s material also has the same sheen to the shoes material and it is best not to double up on shiny fabrics. The white floral dress could probably be worn out more afterwards dressed down or more casually so it’s better use of your money. Good luck and hope I helped :)|||Love that you start with the shoes to make the outfit lol. I Like the floral (Luella Flounce Dress) one better.

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