Which Perfume Should I Buy?

Salvatore Ferragamo s.p.a.– 3 weeks ago

Which perfume should I buy?

Please choose:

Vera Wang- Princess

Salvatore Ferragamo- Incanto Charms

Britney Spears- Fantasy

I’ve tried Incanto Charms and that i always get compliments whenever I wear wear it. I wanted to purchase a brand new perfume and I’m asking in your help. Should I buy Ferragamo again or other?|||Britney Spears- Fantasy

But u should try Britney Spears- Radiance|||Salvatore Ferragamo- Incanto Charms|||I smelled Vera Wang’s perfume before and it definatly smells yummy. Very girly, but not off the edge. I liked it.

I also love Britney Spears’ perfume. All of them smell really good. I definatly would recommend Fantasy because it’s sweet, youthful, pretty and definatly lasts long. Plus it is a perfume almost everyone likes. It’s not irritating.

However it is all up to whether you like sweet, fruity, musky, woody or floral perfume. If you like sweet then Fantasy is primary. I’d prefer that one. :]|||Vera Wang – Princess.

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