Who’s Ferragamo?

Founding father of founder of the most successful venture Ferragamo Company, Salvatore Ferragamo was born on 5th June 1989 in Bonito, a city in Italy. In 1920s he became famous for designing shoes for celebrities and in later years he founded the business venture.

Salvatore Ferragamo Wedges Sandals, Size 8 - Trendy Consignment, Inc ...He is understood for having given the famous cage heel and the wedge heel shoes for women besides having invented quite a few designs too.

Very early in life, at the age of nine Ferragamo realized that shoe making was his passion and calling in life. He was the eleventh child from amongst fourteen children within the family and had created the first pair of shoes on the age of nine and gifted to his sister.

Salvatore Ferragamo Bombay Eyelet Lace Flat, BlackOnce clear about his passion, Ferragamo pursued his interest relentlessly and with dedication. He took up a year’s study on Shoe design in City of Naples and opened his first store at his parent’s home in his native place. After a while in 1914, he moved to Boston to hitch a shoe factory.

After working in shoe factory for a couple of years, Ferragamo was joined by his brothers and shifted his residence to California and settled in Santa Barbara. Down the road sometime he moved into Hollywood where he started his first shop where they undertook shoe repairs and orders for brand spanking new shoes.

Ferragamo’s genius could not remain hidden for long. Very quickly many of the celebrities were his clients and owned his creations. People began to refer to him as Shoemaker of the Stars. But this satisfied him only a little bit and he was in search of perfecting his technique where his beautiful creations could fit the feet and give a hundred percent comfort to the person wearing the shoes. In quest of an answer, he undertook studies on human anatomy at the University of Southern California.

Ferragamo founded his famous Ferragamo company in Italy in 1927 when he moved back permanently to Italy and eventually designed shoes for vary famous personalities like Eva Peron, Maharani of Cooch Behar, Marlyn Monroe etc.

Ferragamo died on August 7th 1960. His company has continued to grow and diversify into many more areas. Today they produce and market a number of items including fashion bags, cloths, accessories, eyeglasses, watches, perfumes etc.

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