Finding The Designer Labels In Your Shoes Closet

If you say ‘designer shoes,’ the names of such famous shoes designer labels like Prada, Ferragamo, Blahnik, Choo come to mind. But these designer houses that line up the whole block of Rodeo Drive usually are not the only one that may be considered as ‘designer shoes’ labels.

Salvatore Ferragamo clutchesBrands like Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Diesel, Taryn Rose may not have been gracing the catwalks in recent times however the pairs of footwear that they make are designer in their own stead. Formal and dressy shoes should not the one ones that must be considered as designer. Just as long as the workmanship and the fabric is quality and the style unique, the tag ‘designer label’ can be utilized.

Below are some of what we consider as designer labels for each type of footwear. Read on and you may need a pair or two inside your closet!

Going Athletic

A pair of rubber shoes is without doubt one of the permanent fixtures within the American shoes closet. Designed for the person with an active lifestyle and for casual occasions, the rubber shoes is the ultimate ‘shoes for all season.’ Among the many brands of the brands when it comes to those athletic shoes are Nike, Adidas and Reebok, all of which, have provide you with their very own line of designs and special features.

A sneak peak at sneakers

When a pair of rubber shoes seems to heavy for the occasion and too much for the outfit to hold, the next best thing is a pair of sneakers. It’s just as functional and just as sturdy as the rubber shoes but less sporty and more casual. In reality, a few of their lines are more into the fashion and the style than on the function. The brands which are considered ‘designer’ on this category are Diesel, DKNY and Puma. Take a look at your local stores for fun funky designs and vintage-looking pairs which are so hot these days.

Mulling for Mules

Mules combine comfort with formality. That is the rationale why loads of office women and working women choose the mules over the usual pumps because it places lesser pressure on the backs of the feet. To people who still do not know what a mule is, these are the shoes that are closed in front but open on the back.

These pairs look absolutely great with a skirt or with pants. You may even wear it together with your favorite pair of jeans. Designer brands for one of these shoes are Born and Taryn Rose. Italian brands reminiscent of Ferragamo and Prada may also have their own line of mules.

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