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[more inside]posted by oceanjesseon Jul 19, 2013 Dunno if it exists I’m looking for a searchable periodical database that will let me scour say, all magazines put out by X publisher, for a particular phrase. I see Google Scholar, but not something that lets me search typical magazines (Like Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Wired, etc). Does it exist If so, point the way!(I realize I could try going to sites of each individual magazine and seeing if they will let me search all their online back issues).posted by bitterkittenon Feb 10, 2013 Good magazines for young teenage women What to do when your daughter has outgrown New Moon Girls, but you don’t want to buy her a subscription to Seventeen or Teen Vogue What magazines would you recommend for young teenage women that have fun quizzes (and probably sell stuff) and salvatore ferragamo chadstone store that aren’t too heavy on literature or academic rhetoric (Not that she can’t salvatore ferragamo chadstone store read them, it’s just that I know that’s not what she’s looking for, and she’s smart enough to know when I’m pushing “school” stuff towards her.)posted by lpalmerpatonon Feb 8, 2013 How to cold contact editors of local (or national) publications Cold contacting editors and publishers in Austin and elsewhere: I want to return to freelancing after several years away from the field.