Wall Street Women: What The 1% Put on To Work

Salvatore Ferragamo Dress - Clothing - SAL24479 - The RealRealThe tumult taking place on Wall Street is at present tearing our nation apart, however financiers apparently still need to dress to impress.

Business Insider posted a seemingly unironic listing as we speak of the “15 Work Accessories That each Wall Street Girl Should have.” You heard it here first, ladies! Simply because you’re employed insane ninety-hour weeks doesn’t mean you may get away with (*shudder*) 9 West footwear.

One Wall Streeter suggests owning Tory Burch, Lanvin or Chanel flats, while one other recommends Ferragamo flats.

Chanel flats price upwards of $600, so cool, good option to spend your bonus this yr. One in every of our feminine finance friends says, “Flats which are that expensive may be difficult for somebody starting out. Steve Maddens or Sam Edelmans will do.”

You also need to make sure you are rocking the precise form of watch:

A Wall Streeter instructed us some well-liked watch makers are David Yurman and Tiffany’s.

Omg, which one ought to I get?

One other tip, for the gym:

One widespread strategies is a straightforward black Longchamp bag, which is also helpful for toting gym clothes.

But wait, won’t my dirty yoga clothes stink up my $200 tote? Or do finance women not sweat?

Our useful male finance source: “I do know that individuals had small bags and never giant ones. Normally black and could be carried simply in order to not hit folks.”

And where will you shop for all of those luxe goods? Your iPad, duh:

We counsel using it to “fill your day by day Gilt addiction,” says one Wall Avenue woman.

Different Wall Street-authorised equipment, according to BI:

– Cardigans (“preferably black”).
– DVF wrap dresses (solely on Fridays).
– An enormous rock (“we hear that there is competitors among women at some Wall Street companies over the size of diamond engagement rings”).

On the banned listing? “Absolutely no glitter.” Our male pal from the finance world confirms: “I can not even think about someone carrying glitter to an i-financial institution.”

But we wish to say to any downtown ladies who are fretting over style: chill. As a result of you work in a mostly-male atmosphere, most dudes could have freakin’ clue what kind of sneakers you are wearing.

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