Touching The Soul

Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Long Coat w\/ Tags - Clothing ...Luciano Bertinelli, the CEO of Ferragamo Parfums, could also be new to Dubai however that has not stood in his method of touching the pulse of the Arabian market.

Luciano Bertinelli, the CEO of Ferragamo Parfums Image Credit:Supplied picture

The most recent perfume Tuscan Soul Picture Credit:Provided photo


Luciano Bertinelli, the CEO of Ferragamo Parfums, could also be new to Dubai however that has not stood in his way of touching the pulse of the Arabian market. In just some days, he has realised that stronger and potent fragrances work better on this a part of the world.

“We may be right here to unveil our new perfume Tuscan Soul, which is fresh and mild. However our actual attraction will arrive in October 2009 when its stronger model Tuscan Extreme is launched in the shops here [Dubai]. The Tuscan Soul launch is simply the beginning,” says Bertinelli.

Tuscan Soul is one among the many scents that have been churned out from the Salvatore Ferragamo manufacturing facility. Created by Pierre Bourdon of Fragrance Assets, the Tuscan Soul – a citrus woody floral – is filled with signature Italian Calabrian bergamot and different Sicilian citrus fruits.

“It embodies our whole heritage, and represents our Italian roots in a bottle,” adds Bertinelli, pointing to the frosted bottle and the honey coloured cap.

“Tuscan Extreme will retain these signature qualities and be Italian in spirit, however it is going to be extra suitable for the region’s sultry climate,” he says.

Desperate to make inroads into the Middle Eastern markets, Bertinelli says that a slew of latest ventures have also been deliberate.

“The ME has an awesome potential and it seems prefer it has not been affected drastically by the worldwide recession when compared to the US, Japan or European markets. So in the following two years, we’re hoping to enterprise into spa merchandise and introduce a new home assortment vary,” says Bertinelli.

The success of their toiletry kit given to the first class passengers of Ethihad Airlines has additionally spurred them on to experiment.

Star Scentiments

Conscious of the glut of perfumes endorsed by stars out there, Bertinelli adds that roping in a celebrity for the Ferragamo perfume range will not be an option. “Salvatore Ferragamo’s core manufacturers (footwear and bags) have Claudia Schiffer as its brand ambassador.

“So having one other movie star for the fragrance line alone, which is not its core model, will dilute the branding course of. And Ferragamo merchandise speak for themselves as they’re the true heroes,” he says.

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