Platform Wedges And Wedge Sneakers

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If the funky shoe factory existed, it will carry platform wedge shoes in every style. There would also be a hefty number of wedge sneakers. Between those two styles of shoes, the market for funky shoes is nearly all-encompassed. Platform wedges have a singular quality that create the image of a fun, frivolous and sexy woman. Wedge sneakers create the same image, however, they cannot be worn with formal outfits.

Wedge styles are a lovely alternative to a stiletto shoe. The platform wedge not only adds the additional panache to an outfit, it gives the support that a stiletto would not have. There are hundreds of different styles of platform heels as well, including; cork, rubber, wood, woven and foam. Probably the most formal of platform shoes have a heel that is wood covered with leather. More casual platform styles have the rubber, woven and cork heels. Occasionally you possibly can find a platform which has a cork heel that can be worn in formal occasions. More specifically these styles have a leather upper with different sorts of embroidery, beading or fancier leather. Patent is one specific shoe style that appears beautiful with formal outfits. Otherwise, the cork wedge platform shoe is best used for casual clothing.

Cork wedge platforms are especially lovely worn during the summer with shorts, flare skirts, mini skirts and linen pants. The most effective method to make the legs look longer and sleeker is with the next angular heel. Cork styles look great with a flared, cotton skirt that has a flow that moves softly around the legs. Shorter skirts always look better with a heel. If one is uncomfortable with a stiletto, the platform cork wedge will look fantastic. Within the summer, a pair of cork platforms look really fabulous with white linen pants and a soft cotton shirt that matches the upper of the shoe.

When searching for a wedge sneaker, there are lots of choices. Volatile carries many various styles and colors that look really funky and fabulous. While there are some reasons to be wary of wedge sneakers, you’ll find they really look really great with jeans and shorts. Today there are some new dresses out, the tennis dress, which look cute with them. Most skirts don’t look great with sneakers, but mini skirts are the exception.

Whether one chooses to wear a platform wedge with a wood heel or cork heel or even a wedge sneaker, the feet will always feel comfortable with any style of the shoe. With its raised platform, walking in a platform wedge shoe is a breeze. Classy, stylish, fun, sexy and flashy, the wedge shoe can fill any need one may need. For those who need a classy style, choose a patent leather, and solid or duo color shoe. High class designer shoes are usually made for formal or business attire. Whatever situation one has, the platform wedge sandal, shoe or boot will fit perfectly.

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As a fanatical shoe shopper, I find that wedge shoes find yourself in my closet greater than most other styles. I’ve around 20 pair and every is unique in its own way. There is nothing like an excellent pair of platform shoes to actually bring out the sass and funk in any woman. For more about wedge sneakers and platform wedge shoes, please visit me at my website where there are a variety of topics now, and to come back, on wedges.

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